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Mind â€Å"The King”

Mark Lindquist debuts new book in Tacoma

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Tacoma deputy prosecutor Mark Lindquist will debut his latest masterwork, “The King of Methlehem,” Thursday, May 17, 6 p.m. at the downtown Tacoma Public Library.

Let’s not get confused by the fact that Lindquist is a lawyer. The man is a literary genius – especially true for those of us with the attention span and memory to recall the seminal “Never Mind Nirvana.” He is way more down than Dale Whateverhisnameis, and far more deserving of our pop adoration.

In 2004, Lindquist was named trial team chief of the drug unit for the Prosecuting Attorney in Pierce County — perfect preparation for “King of Methlehem,” which chronicles the anti-tweaker crusade of Detective Wyatt James. The book is replete with T-town references, showcasing the ugliness right alongside the stuff we all know and love. Wyatt lives in a loft apartment on Pacific Avenue. The book gives nods to Syrens and the Murray Morgan Bridge. Wyatt’s girlfriend works at Cutters Point Coffee, and both are avid readers of Local boosters are encouraged to buy the book, but should not expect a coffee-table showcase of the local renaissance. This book is about reality, folks – wrestling stranger-than-fiction truths into another beautiful work of fiction. — Paul Schrag

[Tacoma Public Library, Thursday, May 17, 6 p.m., no cover, 1102 Tacoma Ave. S., Tacoma, 253.591.5666]

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