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Masa's throw down

The Sixth Avenue Mexican restaurant opens its deck

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When Madonna wrote the song “Holiday,” I wonder if she had Cinco de Mayo in mind.

Sure, the 5th of May has cultural, historical and religious backing, but since when has that ever mattered to us?

Here in the United States we always manage to squash any of these traditions and use such wonderful holidays to focus on what you and I love so very much: The social aspect.

Thus, I won’t go into how Cinco de Mayo came to be, you can Google that on your own if you don’t know.

I’ll just give you Natasha’s description of what this holiday is: another great excuse to throw down.

During the college days at Central Washington University, my friends and I were hard-pressed to find a holiday that was worth celebrating as much as this one.

I’d roll with my girls in a pack of 10 for the festivities that included only the truest of Mexican food, plenty of shots of tequila and margaritas, and, of course, flirting with all of the boys along the way.

We used to call it Cinco de Puke-o, because I was always the only one who never got sick.
Fast forward to 2007, and you’ll find that there isn’t much that’s changed since dem college days, especially when the holiday falls on a Saturday.


The last few Cinco de Mayos that I’ve spent here in T-Town have been fairly uneventful, but this year I know there’s going to be magic of all sorts in store, and there’s one, and only one, place that I’ll be all day and night:

Masa Comida Mexicana.

This establishment is doin’ it big unlike any other for Cinco de Mayo, and the party will go strong all weekend.

On Quatro de Mayo (for those of you who are less cultured, that’s Friday), Masa will be hosting salsa lessons with a hip, Latin DJ in the upstairs banquet room. I’m not so good at partner dancing, but for the people who bring us such amazing food and ambiance between Masa and Asado, I’m willing to try anything.

On the big day, Saturday, Masa will be boasting an outdoor tent with performers including everyone’s favorite female barefoot musician, Vicci Martinez, at 8 p.m. Hooray, Vicci!

This day will also mark the opening of Masa’s enticing outdoor deck, which I plan to frequent tirelessly during the upcoming sunny days.

To make it all the more worthwhile, Masa just released a brand new menu, lowered prices, and introduced new tasty snacks and treats; all while maintaining the ingenuity that their kitchen and bar is known for.

If this doesn’t give you enough reasons to kick it there for Cinco de Mayo, you should stick to the barrio.

But if you really know how to fiesta, I’ll let you shake my maracas at Masa all day and night.

[Masa Comida Mexicana, 2811 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.254.0560]

Tell me where you like to party at

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