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Marauding Molly in the house

Look what they were wearing at O\'Malley\'s

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Two Dockyard Derby Dames Roller Derby Marauding Molly team members show off their fine style with last Saturday’s bout announcer Nathaniel.

When he’s not announcing Derby, he announces burlesque, wrestling and even wrestles — just not in these clothes.

His duds are from a variety of sources, beginning with the flashy vest (second hand store, natch!) Nordstrom Rack tie with Nordstrom shirt, Gap jeans, supermarket socks and thrift store shoes.  We didn’t talk about underwear.

The ladies both sport the Molly uniform skirt, made by a Los Angeles company called Vinyl Dolls with Ollie Oxen, on the right, mixing up hers with Payless shoes and tights, Fred Meyer socks, and Hustler knickers, topped by a thrift store top.

On the left, Inspector Hatchet pairs her flippy skirt with shoes from the Bon, tights from Nordstrom, jacket from Papillon all topped off with a Pac Sun headband.

Fun, fun, fun for the first ever Weekly Volcano threesome Whatcha Wearin’?!

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