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Cassidy’s Pub tequila shots

Putt putt plop

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OK, I’ll admit that in retrospect trying to show off to the ladies on the putt-putt golf course at Cassidy’s Pub & Outdoor Mini-golf wasn’t a good idea.  I was feeling in a sporting mood and harkened back to my teenage years of picking up chicks at the Parkland Putters along Highway 512.  After I threw back a couple of José Cuervo Gold shots, I tried to eagle the first hole, but unfortunately, I hooked my shot and somehow racked my package.  It’s all a blur now, but I do remember squealing on the ground like a little piglet.  I had visions of lying down with my tongue out that evening, but not like that.

[Cassidy’s Pub, 9621 Portland Ave. E., Tacoma, 253.531-2251]

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