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Carmen's party continues

Cinco de Mayo marathon and The Fucking Eagles

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It’s so nice when you return from a festive Hawaiian island vacation and the party only continues.

As soon as Natasha and I grabbed our bags at the airport, Darling Damon and Little Leah picked us up and rolled us directly into Doyle’s Public House. Familiar haunts are fun when you’ve been away, especially when you return with a tan.

Rather than going grocery shopping, I remained in vacation mode all week and met up with friends for eats and treats at The Swiss, The Parkway and The Pacific Grill. Ahhh!

Friday night I played softball, and after collecting our loss, I met up with Mama Jess at Asado for the best food in town. We also went to Masa as a warm-up for Saturday’s function: Cinco de Mayo!

Natasha and I were busy telling everyone that we were going to do a marathon on Cinco de Mayo. Not a running marathon, a drinking one. We even put some thought toward seeking corporate sponsors.

With that, we saddled up at Masa at 4 p.m. — the calm before the storm.

Natasha’s outfit was so perfect: A Betsy Johnson dress that doubled as a peasant dress, a black wrap, a low side bun with her jet-black hair and red flowers wrapped around it. And, of course, her brown skin. People actually asked if she was Hispanic. Just last week people thought she was Hawaiian. I told her that next week she should take Asia on.

As for me? I was cozy in my favorite jeans, a chesty black halter that showed off the tan on my back, some flip-flops with my beautifully pedicured toes. The red nail polish that I had selected was called “I don’t do dishes.” Perfect.

The Husky met up with us shortly after we had arrived. He’d been golfing with friends on very little sleep. We admired him so for powering through for the sake of the fiesta.

Masa was all kinds of busy. That’s a big location, and it was packed in the formal dining room, the bar, the banquet room upstairs, the outside deck and the tent they set up in the parking lot. People waited in line and poured in all night long, and everyone fell head over heels for Masa’s cabana style deck.

We had such a great time watching the sultry salsa dancers and that pocket-sized Vicci Martinez, who has stadium-sized vocals.

Our base camp was the main bar, where Mama Jess, Mushroom Maven and Mizz Mandilicious met up with us. We were The Husky’s hot harem, and it was great watching all of the people buzz around us.

By about midnight, the huge crowd of people waiting to order at the bar swelled, which cued our time to go, but we didn’t travel too far. Asado was the perfect parlay, and we were greeted so tenderly by bartender Awesome Andi. She said she knew that the professional drinkers would wind up at her bar, and we certainly fit that bill.

To round out the evening, The Big Easy took Natasha and me to The Spar, where we had fun chatting about this and that. He even gave us a ride home. Thank you, The Big Easy!
But the fun really didn’t end there.

On Sunday, a group of us went to Puget Sound Pizza for a late, hipster breakfast and the Tacoma Rainiers game for Andrew’s birthday. The Husky had us hooked up with Gold Club love, which got us free beers and snacks and awesome seats.

Afterward, The Husky and I went straight to the Swiss for the Fight Fistula fund-raiser. This event was pulled together by five fancy dames (I heart Joy!), and they did such a stellar job of organizing the event. There were eight bands and all kinds of cool raffle prizes. The crowd that assembled was so comfortable, including Jennifer, Brendan, Mushroom Maven, Megan, Murphy, Darling Damon, Little Leah, Jeff Olson, Billy D, Dez, Jaime and Matt.

As for the music, the razor-edge renderings by The Drug Purse, Paris Spleen, And Those Who Were Dragged, Jeremy Silas, Gold Teeth and Stephen Minor were prrrrfection, but the only thing I have left to say is that The Fucking Eagles are fucking awesome and their joint performance with Beat Box Fred was fucking incredible.

I love fighting Fistula and so should you. Go to now and raise your fist in the air.

I’m Carmen, your new chameleon.  Drop me your favorite parties here.

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