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Big bboy battle here

Bboy World’s All Nations 1v1 Breakdance Competition stops by Olympia

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Leave it to the masters at Fab 5 to bring the world’s premier one-on-one bboy battle to the South Sound. Stop for a minute and think about what it means that Bboy World’s All Nations 1v1 Breakdance Competition will make stops in just eight cities – New York, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas and … Olympia? Yes, the Evergreen Library Building is going to have some skull scuffs on the floor Saturday, May 5, when 32 competitors bring everything they have for a chance to battle for $10,000 at the finals in Chicago.

Competitors from France, San Jose, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. will travel to Washington’s capitol this weekend to wreck the floor solo, with the winner shuttled off to Chicago this October for a chance at the big prize. The competition passed over Seattle thanks courtesy of Fab 5’s wise orchestrator Eddie Sumlin, who wanted this battle to take place in a neutral setting, where the best can compete on skill instead of home-town status.

“I’m just ultra excited to see who’s really the best,” he says. “Not because of where they were, but who can come the hardest. We need the best to be reppin’ us in Chicago.”

Those who show up will have a chance to see the best of the best, says Sumlin. Because the stakes are so high, and the prize way bigger than most bboys are used to, Sumlin expects to see some outrageous isht this weekend. Veterans and known names are on the list of competitors, including Tacoma’s own Dance Broomz, but there will be some new blood as well.

“We’ve got such a good talent pool,” says Sumlin. “There will be a lot of people innovating individual styles, and a lot of energy. Bboying is usually a team sport, and the one-on-one energy is usually way higher.”


And if that wasn’t enough, expect to see a judges showcase featuring:

Orb, founding member of internationally-acclaimed, Seattle-based crew Circle of Fire. Orb is among pioneers in the art of freestyle and improvisational dance, being one of the first to successfully incorporate them into the traditional bboy form.

Jo Rawk, member of 2004 World BBoy champs Massive Monkees crew. Jo Rawk currently organizes community events for at-risk youth in Seattle at the Project FRESH Dance School.

Fever1, member of Bronx-based legends Rock Steady Crew. MF started dancing way, way, way back in 1982. These days, he still rocks it like no one alive, while lecturing at Yale, Princeton and Rutgers in his free time.  Currently, Fever1 teaches classes at The Steps School of Dance on Broadway in Manhattan. 

[Library Room, Saturday, May 5, doors at 5 p.m., battle at 7 p.m., $10, The Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Pkwy. N.W, Olympia,]

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