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Azarra Salon and Lucky Dog Outfitters

What I spent my paycheck on this week

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Hooked on the straight stuff…

Your friend offers you something that you innocently accept. 

You don’t realize the product will plunge you into a twitching need for more, more, more; the cheap substitute won’t do it for you, you need the good stuff.

So it happened when Kris Blondin offered me the use of her flat iron, ordered through Aura at Azarra salon.  I smiled at the sweet pink GHD (as in good hair day) brand flat-iron; make something pink and it automatically has that “awwww, bunny!” effect on me.

But as soon as Kris straightened my first little chunk of hair and I felt it change from coarse nastiness to silky sexy; as soon as I held the lovely thing in my hands and felt its smooth spring action; as soon as I completed my head of hair and had that swingy, kicky could-have-been-styled-in-a-salon mojo, I was hooked.

Now I need it.

And I’m willing to pay.

Aura has special ordered the lovelies in, but she recommends  They are inconveniently out of stock of the $205 pink ones (“Infrapink Styling”) I tried to go for the “Get Heated,” the black version of the same, but that, too, was out of stock. Reluctantly, I tried to get the newest of the new, the “Shear Genius,” which boasts a rounded barrel that can ringlet or straighten, take your pick (though all the irons have a rounded edge that can style a more diverse variety of styles than the standard straight-edge iron) but that, too, “out of stock.”

What’s the savvy girl to do?  Turn to Google.

I found a black “original” for at, and with my order, I received a free GHD product pack gift, as well as a free travel bag, not to mention free shipping.

To which I say, twitching, “Sweet!”

And now … the interminable wait …

[Azarra Salon, 1944 Pacific Ave., Suite 210, Tacoma, 253.752.1519]

Hooked on a sharp-dressed, four-legged man

Bill and Tank have their official summer look with new collars from Lucky Dog Outfitters.  Bill looks smart in his, with a design featuring woodies, hibiscus, and long boards.  Tank is sportin’ the understated colorful man-about-the-beach look with a striped motif that is, on closer inspection, long boards with various designs on them. 

The best part of their look, the Red Dingo tags they now sport, which subtly, colorfully, tell the world whom to reach should they attempt to go a-wanderin’  this summer.

[Lucky Dog Outfitters, 3411 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.761.4586]

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