Rites of passage

Kids gets her toes done

By Jessica Corey-Butler on April 19, 2007

The kid has been biting her nails pretty much since she’s had teeth.

Recently I was helping her wash her hands after she made dirt castles out of the soil from the holes the dogs have been digging in the back yard, and I noticed she actually had soil under her nails. 

Shocked, I asked when she stopped biting her nails, and in her typical fashion, she replied, “Oh, you know, like, a hundred days ago.”

I decided such a momentous event deserved a treat, and so the two of us went to VN Nails.

Sure, the fumes in that particular spot might put hair on your chest, but the service is exemplary, with probably the best full-hour pedicure I’ve found in town for the money — $25.

She’s gnawed off all the polish since then, but a good mom and daughter bonding time was had by both of us. — Jessica Corey-Butler

[VN Nails, 2631 N. Pearl St., Tacoma, 253.756.5345]