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â€Å"On Broadway…”

Is one way the best way?

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Changes afoot on our favorite little Tacoma street of antiques and other hidden treasures. While the prospect of a south-bound one-way street on the St. Helens side of the Bostwick building has been announced as a potential improvement, it would appear that at least two merchants are set to close shop. Maiden Faire, purveyor of fabulous vintage lamps and smoking accessories (I saw a combination ashtray-electric lighter element that oozed Noir; I could almost see the legs of a dame peeking from the shadows while a mysterious stranger in a wide-brimmed hat stood on the foreground), has “Closing” signs on their window, while I’ve heard that my friends at Trouvé will be closing their shop and operating on an Internet-only basis.


The Local Improvement District changes are set to bring new and improved sidewalks, ornamental street lighting and landscaping; and improvements to water utilities are set to go before a bid process soon, which means that construction of the project could start as soon as August, for completion in Winter of 2008.

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