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Movie theater needs to be darker

Dressing down for the movies

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Who’s with me on how nice the weather has been? It’s been hot enough for girls to show off their legs, and the fellas are busting out the muscle shirts. But just because it’s warm does not give anyone an excuse to wear open-toed tan platform sandals, gray leggings, a white bubble skirt, and a bright purple and green tank in the movie theater.

What are you thinking?

There’s nothing wrong with the outfit, if she was looking to get looks. She grabbed mine. Her guy friend was very well dressed. He had on some torn camo pants, which you can most likely find at Hollister in the Tacoma Mall, some white Nikes, and a brown Hollister shirt. Very simple, yet cute for the movies.

What was she thinking?  Maybe I won’t see anyone at the movies?

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