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Mama Loves Daddy twice this week

Tacoma band grooves on the â€Ë"60s/garage/psychedelia thing

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I’m sorry. I don’t have a well-written, well-conceived intro for this week’s column. I know you’ve probably come to expect nothing less than journalistic excellence from me, but I’m afraid, my friends, this week you get less.  Perhaps shattering the illusion will be a good thing.


I can’t be golden all the time. It’s just unrealistic.

What I have is a couple of things. Number one: a story about Mama Loves Daddy, who will play Hell’s Kitchen on Wednesday, April 18. Number two: a few observations from daily life.

The Mama Loves Daddy section is legit. My observations on life are bogus. I’ll shovel you the crap before giving you the goods. That’s just the way life works.

Observation #1: As I’ve previously mentioned, my soon-to-be wife and I (we’re getting hitched on April 21), are expecting a little girl in June. When you’re expecting a girl, your friends and family start bombarding you with “cute” pink baby clothes. There’s nothing you can do about it. A good portion of these clothes will actually say “Cute,” or “Cutie-Pie,” or “Adorable” somewhere on them. IF A BABY OUTFIT ACTUALLY HAS THE WORD “CUTE” WRITTEN ON IT, IT’S NOT CUTE!    

Observation #2: Grand Champeen. I know they’re from Austin and have been around for a while, but still, they f@#%ing kick ass. They’re playing the Kitchen on Sunday, April 22. They’ll be the subject of my column next week. Guaranteed. Mr. Jasmin, consider this your hot lead.

Observation #3: As I near the end of my fourth year with the Weekly Volcano, we finally have a site on the world wide Interweb! Hot damn!

Observation #4: Imus kind of rhymes with anus.

Observation #5: There are two ways to do an interview. One is by e-mail. Since any way you look at it, part of my job is to put what a person says on paper, obviously when I’m dealing with responses that are already on paper it’s easier for me. Sometimes it feels like cheating, but when I’m in front of the tube watching “The Complete History of the Denver Broncos” (2 DVD set), which I just received in the mail this week, I don’t really feel guilty about having taken the easy road.

This week I interviewed James Jenkins, who started the underappreciated Mama Loves Daddy in 2003. It must be noted that one of the main reasons Mama Loves Daddy is under appreciated is because the band has, generally speaking, produced nothing except some exceptional live shows and some promising demos. If the band put out some records, there’s a good chance more people would know of them, and a decent chance they’d be appreciated more.

But, with or without records, they’re one hell of a band.

If you’re not familiar with Mama Loves Daddy, they basically groove on the ‘60s/garage/psychedellia thing … if you’re down with descriptions that include /s. Mama Loves Daddy is a lot things. The use of low, drowning vocals is a time-tested indie favorite, reminiscent of Beck’s album on K Records. The band’s death crawl pace is grungelike in many ways, as is the guitar work. These guys have obviously heard a Velvet Underground song or three.

I could easily go on.

Mama Loves Daddy fits nicely into a group of Tacoma bands, past and present, that includes The Drug Purse, The Elephants, Paris Spleen, Mono in VCF, and The Barnacles — a band also on the bill for Wednesday at the Kitchen. Friskey and The Long and Short of It will complete the evening.

WEEKLY VOLCANO: First off, how’d you guys get together? Why do you gel?

JAMES JENKINS: Well, I started the band back in 2003. I tried out everybody in town, added and subtracted, dealt with drug issues and lineup changes, and ended with the current lineup, which is working beautifully. I’m not exactly sure how we gel or why we get along, but we do. We’re all good friends, and we’ve been together long enough that things are finally working for us. It hasn’t always been easy (or fun). We’ve wasted too much time masturbating and eating ice cream. Not enough time playing shows.

VOLCANO: What’s up with the name?

JENKINS: It was a drunken mistake really, the end result of a night of cross-dressing and drinking 20-year-old bottles of wine with a friend of mine who was initially supposed to start the band with me. Soon afterward she kicked my neighbor’s door in, thinking it was my house and that I wouldn’t let her in. She was arrested. I haven’t seen her since.

VOLCANO: What’s up with recording? You posted a blog in January saying you were about to record, any progress?

JENKINS: No, we have not yet begun. Soon enough. We are very slow. There are four albums written and we have not yet recorded the first one. The songs that you hear on our Myspace are just demos of albums to come. I would love for somebody to give me a bag of money to properly record the album, but that has not happened.

VOLCANO: What’s the best aspect of your band?

JENKINS: The best aspect of our band is our music. That or our image. I forget. If you were to personify our band, we would be the sensitive teenage badass. Angry at our father, not yet ready for art college, and confused about our image.

VOLCANO: Where do you fit in?

JENKINS: I don’t know. To me, the Tacoma music scene is a new frontier. It’s hard to tell where you fit in on uncharted territory. Right in the middle I guess. Did that make sense?

VOLCANO: There’s some interesting vocal work on the songs you have posted on Myspace. Are there two people singing?

JENKINS: Well, the vocals on the demo are actually both me. I sometimes sing low and sometimes high. Mostly low. Were working on incorporating doubled vocals into the live show, but we have not yet been able to practice it. So for now it’s just me.

VOLCANO: What’s coming up for you guys in the near future, besides the Hell’s Kitchen show?

JENKINS: We’re playing a Tacoma show on Friday the 13th. The show will be held on the bottom floor of Sanford & Son. We’re playing with a band called Captain Incognito. Also, our friends The Drug Purse and The Barnacles will be playing the same place the day before. I strongly suggest you come check these bands out.

Mama Loves Daddy

With: Captain Incognito, Polished Opinion

When: Friday, April 13, 7 p.m., all ages

Where: The Library at Sanford & Son, 744 Commerce, Tacoma, www. urbanxchange tacoma

Cost: $5

With: The Long and Short of It, Friskey, The Barnacles

When: Wednesday, April 18, 9 p.m., 21+

Where: Hell’s Kitchen, 3829 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.759.6003

Cost: $3

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