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Danii Blackwell looks good

Caught her at the Nordstrom fashion show

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Danii Blackwell shows off her style at the Nordstrom fashion show at the Museum of Glass, though she is, in point of fact, not wearing anything from Nordstrom.

Her wool knickers, old-school type that I can remember wearing in the mid-eighties, though never with that much confident élan, came from Chinatown.

The jacket, altered by the seamstress/designer, came from a thrift shop, which was also the source of her slouchy, over the back, definitely not Dooney & Bourke bag, which also came from a thrift shop.

She pairs her knickers with fishnets and leg warmers — definitely not something I ever thought of back in my Jay Jacobs knickers days, dash it all — with a pair of ballet skimmers, which she calls “cheap,” explaining, “I got them at Payless, actually.”

Her scarf came from Target — one stop shopping, if you consider one is all but next door to the other.

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