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Abolins and Sorella

What I blew my paycheck on this week

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Oh, the Carnage

Found on floor, dead: One BCBG Girls shoe, two Children’s Place flip-flops, one super comfy slipper, two socks, one dog bed, one disemboweled stuffed bunny, one tiger with an eye chewed out, three Fairytopia Barbies, one beach Barbie, one beach Barbie swimming pool and all its accessories, two Kellies, one baby Cinderella, one feminist history book, and last but most definitely not least, a digital camera cord.

That last one almost sent me over the edge until I realized that 1. Pups only chew that which is within their reach, and 2. Pups who are frustrated at their lazy owners are typically pups that destroy.

So I went off on my merry way to Abolins to find a replacement way to download pictures.

The service I received there confirmed why I love smaller shops in lieu of big box stores: the friendly worker-bee not only pointed me to the SanDisc 12-in-1 card reader/writer that also, conveniently, contained a teeny tiny USB cord, but also led me to a new camera bag (dogs ate my last one while trying to extricate the brand new camera from it, so that they could then drag the brand new camera through the dirt they so kindly dragged in.)

But wait, there’s more: They even gave me some handy tips as to how to use my brand new camera, not even purchased at Abolins.

I love it when sales people rock like that.

[Abolins, 2811 S. 12th St., Tacoma, 253.272.9898]

High-level at mid-level

Sorella has exactly the sort of opulent good stuff I would love to fill my house with, if only my dogs weren’t crazed beings out for destruction.  I particularly love the treasure boxes and hair accessories from Pakistan, and the lanterns that fairly scream, “Mellow ambience, baby!”

Drapery panels and pillows also have me longing for a dog-less sanctuary of my own, but spying Cynthia Sorrell’s newest goodies had me going into a different direction for sanctuary.

These Moroccan salvaged-tin pieces look like exactly the right table-top touch for an outdoor oasis that has just the right combination of groovy funk; sardine-can “buckets” could hold chips, clustered around citronella candles and more boxes, with a couple of lanterns hung for mood-lighting, while an IKEA galvanized bucket I already have can hold beer and ice.

Now to get the perfect table, perfect chairs and some chaise lounges, and get to creating a backyard “lounge” that’s relatively dog-proof. 

Just don’t walk in the grass.

[Sorella in the mid-level shops at Sanford & Son, 743 Broadway, Tacoma, 253.272.0334]

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