Together We Served

Celebrates veterans by offering a free plaque of their military service

By Brian Foster, President and Founder, on January 5, 2024

Since its launch 20 years ago, (TWS) - the leading online community of U.S. veterans - has provided its 2.3 million members the special opportunity to not only reconnect with the people they served with but to also preserve a detailed record of their military service, including unlimited photographs. This is so their families and future generations will know what they did serving our country.

In keeping with TWS's commitment to honoring the service of every veteran, hot off the press is TWS's brand new Military Service Plaque. It features key service information, period-accurate graphics and a wide choice of era-specific backgrounds in a distinctive and attractive layout. Specially designed in a convenient 11×6.5″ format, each plaque can be easily printed and framed for proud display on any living room or den wall!

How to obtain your free Military Service Plaque

TWS's new Military Service Plaque is available, completely free of charge, to every veteran who served in the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force or U.S. Coast Guard.

Click here to claim yours.

Once registered, you simply add your service photo, medals and awards, hashmarks and any proficiency badges earned on your plaque builder page. These then appear "as worn" on uniform. When complete, your full-sized plaque is automatically sent to you as a hi-resolution image file ready to print. If you have any questions or need assistance, TWS's veteran-manned help desk is always available, or you can email for a quick response.

Create a memorial plaque for any family member who served

Similarly, veterans can build a free Military Service Plaque for any family member who served and has passed. If multiple family members served, plaques can be made for each one, creating a special military family legacy.

Future tribute projects

Together We Served is in the process of creating several other variations of its Military Service Plaque and Shadow Box to suit different applications that will become available in 2024. These tributes represent more than 20 years of dedicated work compiling the most accurate historical military service information and highest quality graphics for optimal presentation and authenticity.

Click here to learn more about the Together We Served Military Service Plaque.