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Group educates on benefits of VA Home Loan

On-Demand boot camps can be taken anywhere, any time. Photo credit: Facebook

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Since 2016, the Veterans Lending Group (VLG) has put on live Veterans Administration Loan Bootcamp classes across the country in order to better educate military and veterans' communities about the VA Home Loan Benefits.

In conjunction with this educational initiative, VLG has created an On-Demand video class, which allows servicemembers who are deployed or very busy to learn about and understand their VA home benefits.

"We created the VA Home Loan Bootcamp after realizing that our military families did not understand how their VA Home Loan Benefit worked," said Brooke Villano, regional manager and one of the founders of VLG. "The power of the VA Loan is invaluable, and our military families need to know this."

Villano said that most servicemembers do not know that they can use the VA Loan more than once, can have multiple VA Loans at the same time, or that the VA Loan process does not have a minimum credit score requirement.

She also pointed out that there is no requirement for other lenders or realtors to have any special certification to work with military families on the mortgage and homebuying process.

"We believe this is a problem, thereby exposing our military families to harm and sometimes discrimination during the home-buying process," Villano added.

"We are bound and determined to educate as many realtors as possible in order to increase the level of awareness in the real estate community."

To address this perceived problem, VLG teaches about 12 to 18 live VA Home Loan Bootcamps and Realtor Education classes per month, mostly in the Puget Sound area.

As to the On-Demand feature of the boot camps, they can be taken anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. Both the live and the On-Demand boot camps are offered free of charge.

In both types of classes, subject matter experts, veterans' advocates, educators and facilitators work to make sure that servicemembers understand their VA Home Loan benefits.

"The classes are primarily centered around the purchase of a home," continued Villano, "but we do briefly discuss options to refinance, including the VA Renovation Loan."

The programs are offered to those who have served in the military; however, VLG does welcome family members of military members and community advocates and partners to the classes.

VLG also offers one-on-one consultations to those who do not wish to take a class.

Villano described a client named Mike who had expressed an interest in renting. After talking with one of VLG's VA specialty realtors, Mike and his wife decided to take the online class.  After taking the class, they opted to finance a house.

"They understood the feasibility of purchasing versus renting, and after evaluating the long-term benefits of home ownership, they found the perfect home," related Villano.

For more information on the calendar of live classes and the On-Demand class, visit

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