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Cruising with veterans

Veteran-led motorcycle clubs in the Puget Sound

Motorcycle riders of Warborn MC, a veteran-led motorcycle club near JBLM, gather before riding as a group. Photo courtesy of Warborn MC

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Every summer, the roar and rumble of motorcycles can be heard on roadways across the Puget Sound as motorcycle riders cruise in the wind. While some motorcycle riders belong to clubs made up of people with only a mutual love for the wind whipping through their beards, others belong to groups with far stronger bonds: that of serving in the military. These veteran-led motorcycle clubs are more popular than ever, but they're not always easy to find. Until now, that is. We've got a short-list of veteran motorcycle clubs that'll make finding them a little easier for you.

Brothers in Arms Motorcycle Club (BIAMC) -- Puget Sound Chapter
BIAMC was established in Seattle in 2002 and it supports both veterans and active-duty servicemembers. As long as you own a cruiser-style motorcycle (650cc or higher) and have served honorably, you've got a good shot of joining BIAMC. The club participates in memorial and interment ceremonies for veterans, and supports other community-based veteran organizations throughout the year.

Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club (GKMMC) Chapter 3
This nonprofit motorcycle club consists of active-duty, Reserve, retired and veteran servicemembers and their families. Established in March 2012, GKMMC Chapter 3 was one of the first chapters to be established in the club. Over time, GKMMC grew exponentially, and it now has 113 chapters at military bases around the world. Its main goals are to provide members with mentorship and motorcycle safety instruction at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Its name reflects a dedication to "code by which the knights of old lived by and the dedication to service, traditions, and core values of our Armed Forces," according to the club's website.

Warborn Motorcycle Club (MC)
Describing their mutual bonds as "where motorcycle meets veteran," Warborn MC is proud to be completely made up of U.S. military veterans. The Washington state-wide motorcycle club regularly raises money for veteran causes and those in need, including assisting with medical issues and planning barbeques at veteran domiciles like American Lake VA Hospital. Its members consider the organization a "traditional motorcycle club." To join, interested parties must be veterans or currently serving, ride a 750cc (or larger) motorcycle and participate in mandatory events throughout the year.

Warrior Brotherhood MC Washington State
This fraternal motorcycle club, which was founded in 2001, works to promote a positive image of military veterans and motorcyclists and support other honorably-discharged veterans. It's made up of 100 percent military members, including active-duty, Reserve, retired servicemembers and veterans. Warrior Brotherhood MC fundraises for, and donates to, American Lake VA Hospital Domicile in Lakewood.

Washington State Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
True to its name, this motorcycle organization is made up of mostly combat veterans who serve as full members, and non-combat veterans as support members. Its main goal is to "defend those who have defended our country and our freedoms" by helping veteran care facilities to provide clothing, food, guidance and shelter. There are eight subchapters of CVMA in Washington state, including motorcycle clubs in Bremerton, Olympia and Renton.

Those looking to support veteran-led motorcycle clubs in the area can also head to Northwest Harley-Davidson in Lacey. The motorcycle shop frequently hosts and supports fundraisers for veteran organizations, including several of the clubs listed above and Wounded Warrior Project. It frequently donates motorcycle accessories, provides event space and offers heavy discounts on bikes to be raffled off, all in support of local veteran organizations. For a list of upcoming events at Northwest Harley-Davidson, visit

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