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Military Life

Unique product helps prevent bath time burdens

Bath time is one of the joys of parenting -- and also one of the most headache-inducing. Slippery suds plus playful kiddos often equates to inhuman parental acts of juggling, balancing and cunning anticipation that can make the process of getting...

Spouse magazine

SPOUSE magazine - March 2019

JBLM Spouse magazine is an online publication via your email weekly. It connects you with your greater military community in the South Sound, highlighting features, events and activities for spouses and families, both on and off the base.


Saint Martin’s Purple Heart designation is a well-deserved honor

Last week, Saint Martin's University announced it had been awarded the Purple Heart University designation by the Military Order of the Purple Heart, which made the private Lacey school the first university or college in Washington state to...


REBOOTing faith in life

The REBOOT Combat Recovery (RCR) course presents a way for veterans and their loved ones to make a transformation from hopelessness to psychological health and faith.


Poetry, art and prose

Spring is here, people, and it's time to dust off that pile of books on your bedside table and start reading (don't think I forgot about that New Year's resolution you made to read more ...) Luckily, Tacoma's literary landscape is teeming with...

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