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Staff Pro offers training, flexibility for vets

Staff Pro professionals prepare to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time at the game. Photo courtesy Staff Pro

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Seattle and Tacoma boast plenty of crowd-pleasing events, from sporting extravaganzas at Safeco Field and CenturyLink to star-studded concerts at the Tacoma Dome. But those events would not be nearly so pleasant if it wasn't for the efficient management of the crowds they attract. That's where Staff Pro comes in.

Staff Pro, a "crowd management, event staffing, and consulting company providing experienced and trained professional personnel and managed services to every type of venue and event imaginable," is currently taking applications for part-time positions in the Tacoma and Seattle areas - and they're especially interested in hiring veterans.

According to Staff Pro operations manager, Bryan Custer, "We are looking for leaders, and the military does a phenomenal job of teaching those qualities. This ‘part-time' job could be the stepping stone into a future career and a smooth transition from military life to civilian life."

Staff Pro's stated mission is "to provide a safe and enjoyable event for our guests and fellow team members in a courteous, professional and efficient manner." They strive to do this by emphasizing their five core values throughout the organization: self-respect, relationships, competent team members, teamwork and communication.  Staff Pro prides itself in providing "Security With a Smile." Their philosophy is "... simple: we treat our team members the way we want them to treat guests."

Staff Pro is a great employment opportunity for veterans or their spouses who are 18 or older, can pass a criminal background check, enjoy working with people, excel at customer service, and desire a schedule that, according to Custer, "... is very flexible. The employee makes themselves available for events, locations or days they are interested in working, then submits their schedule to us."

Ongoing training, such as the New Hire Orientation class, thorough pre-event venue walkthroughs for all necessary personnel, and the Shadow Program, which allows for periodical professional enrichment using training modules, multi-media presentations, and continual field training, assures the highest level of professionalism.

Currently, Staff Pro has openings in all or some of the following areas: audience management, crowd control, ushering, ticket taking, greeters, roamers, guards, backstage staff, supervisors, parking control, field security and more. To find out specifically which jobs are available in the Tacoma area, check out Staff Pro's website at

Staff Pro also offers nonprofits a unique way to raise funds for their organizations by volunteering to help with upcoming events in return for donations. To talk to a representative and learn more about this opportunity, contact Staff Pro at 253.274.8320.

If professionalism, flexibility, a positive work environment, and an opportunity to use the skills learned in the military to help others sounds appealing, then Staff Pro might be the right place for you. Get started today by filling out the online application form on their website at

Staff Pro, 2727 E. D St., Tacoma, 253.274.8320,

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