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Public encouraged to share veteran's stories and vote

Dedicate your vote to a vet

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"By sharing your story and voting in honor of your veteran, you hold the power to help continue our freedoms just like our military heroes have done for us," said Secretary of State Kim Wyman.

Servicemembers dedicate their lives to protect the general public's right to vote. What better way to show one's appreciation for the countless servicemember's sacrifices for the United States democracy process, as well as the political freedom to vote for whomever one may desire, than by voting?

A particular annual campaign is helping to connect voting to the veterans who have protected the right to vote.

The Office of the Secretary of State is heading this campaign to increase voting, by encouraging everyone in Washington state to not only vote, but to also recognize servicemembers and veterans from Washington state by sharing a personalized photo and story.

"I've stated publicly that one of my top goals as Secretary of State is to support and advocate for our veterans and our active service men and women and their families," said Wyman.

The Vote in Honor of a Vet campaign is the perfect way to remind voters that the ability to cast a ballot and have one's voice heard is something that every veteran's service has guaranteed.

The Vote in Honor of a Vet program allows voters of Washington state to dedicate their vote to a veteran or servicemember that they would like to honor.

The Washington Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, is no stranger to the many sacrifices of this Nation's veterans.

"My office currently has a magnificent new exhibit called "Washington Remembers." It tells some of the amazing stories of Washington men and women who served during the Second World War," said Wyman.  "That war ended seventy years ago ... and we pause to remember the service and the sacrifice. And we have pledged to tell the story of service men and women and veterans to a whole new generation of school children."

Wyman's father served during the Korean War, her husband served as an Army Ranger, and she has various family members in all five branches of the armed services.

"Myself, I wrote about my dad and another members of my family who served in the Armed Forces," added Wyman. "My family's service actually has included all five branches. My husband John is a former Army Ranger."

After a short story and photo is submitted to the Vote in Honor of a Vet website, a Vote in Honor of a Vet pin will be sent to all that submit a veteran to be honored by the Elections Division.

Vote in Honor of a Vet submission example:

Max Tisdale

Army, 1st Squadron (Airborne), 91st Cavalry Regiment; Previous Marine Staff Sergeant 1997-2005 19 years; Hometown: Fort Lewis

Honored by Sammie Gleason

I am so thankful for my stepfather, Max Tisdale, who has dedicated his life to protecting his country. Having been on multiple tours, he has actively fought for our rights and suffered the physical, mental and emotional consequences that come along with war. Though it wasn't always easy reacclimatizing to civilian life, he dedicated himself to recovering from the psychological damages that those tours had on him and has overcome hurdles that most of us can't begin to imagine. Because of that dedication, I know that my mom is a happy wife. Thank you Max, not only for your service but also for taking such good care of my mother!

Submitting short stories such as Max's are an easy three-step process.

First, visit the Secretary of State's Vote in Honor of a Vet website.

Upload a veteran's story and/or picture.

Receive a free Vote in Honor of a Vet pin, vote and wear your pin proudly!

"This project honors the great contribution of our veterans and it underscores the importance of voting," said Wyman.  "By voting, we honor the freedoms that were won and maintained by our fighting men and women." 

To find out more information on this year's Vote in Honor of a Vet Campaign, please visit

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