Invite your caregiver to your next video visit

Include up to five people in your video visits

By Treva Lutes, Communications lead, VA Office of Connected Care on March 23, 2023

Many veterans feel comfortable when their family member or caregiver is present at their VA appointment. They may offer support in a time of need or provide helpful insight for your VA provider. Now, you can have the same assistance at your video telehealth appointments by inviting up to five family members or caregivers to join you. Just ask about the Caregiver Connect option when scheduling your video visit.

Join from any location with a personal link

After you provide your guest's name and email address, your VA care team can send them an email invitation with a unique link to take part in your video visit. Caregiver Connect makes it convenient for your family members and caregivers to add the appointment to their calendar and join through their personal link, regardless of their location.

Guests can join the video visit through VA Video Connect, VA's secure videoconferencing app, from any location using an internet-connected, video-capable device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Add guests after your video visit has begun

If you forget to add your guests before your video visit, you can still include them in the appointment. Ask your VA provider to invite them to an in-progress video visit using the new Invite Participants feature. The invitation is sent immediately through an email or text message.

Connect with more VA care team members

VA is also making it easier for your VA care team to collaborate through VA Video Connect. At the request of a VA care team member, schedulers can invite up to five additional VA staff members to take part in your video visit. This enables you to work with specialists, social workers and other VA staff to get the care and resources you need.

If you have questions about what telehealth options are right for you, talk with your VA care team at your next visit or send them a secure message through VA's My HealtheVet online patient portal. You can ask about having your family members or caregivers join your next video visit.

Get connectivity support for VA telehealth

If you cannot access VA Video Connect because you don't have internet access or an internet-connected device, talk with your VA care team about the Digital Divide Consult. To learn more about how VA is helping veterans get connected, visit the Bridging the Digital Divide page.

Several mobile carriers help veteran subscribers avoid data charges when using VA Video Connect on their networks. This enables you to access care through VA telehealth with fewer worries about data fees. Find more information, including eligibility details, on the cellular data program webpage.