Fast facts about new toxic exposure screening for veterans

Enrolled veterans can be screened at VA medical centers, clinics

By VHA Pact Act Team on November 21, 2022

Have you heard about the new toxic exposure screening?

If you're enrolled in VA health care, you can now receive the toxic exposure screening at VA medical centers and clinics across the country. If you're not enrolled but meet eligibility requirements to enroll, you will have an opportunity to receive the screening after you enroll.

During your screening, you'll be asked if you believe you experienced toxic exposures during your military service. If you answer yes, you may be connected to support and resources, including a review by your primary care team or provider.


As the screening becomes a regular part of your health care, you may have some questions. Here are some quick facts to get to know the process:


There are a couple of things to keep in mind:


One of the best ways to manage your health is to proactively develop a long-term health care plan with your care team. The new toxic exposure screening can be an important part of that discussion.

For information about enrolling in VA health care, visit

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