Eat This Now: Doyle's Jerk Chicken Wings

By Jackie Fender on October 14, 2014

I am a carnivorous beast. The faint of heart should turn away!

If there's an opportunity to gnaw tender morsels of meat straight off the bone, you'll find me holding the bone. Hot wings are my favorite meal starter.

Doyle's Public House does them my way. Doyle's Jerk Chicken Wings ($8.99) are not your traditional sort of hot wings. Rather than the usual vinegar based buffalo sauce, Doyle's "jerk" style is packed full of compelling flavor and a delightful heat. Jerk spice is said to originate from Jamaica and highlight a dry rub style seasoning or wet marinade that includes loads of spices such as nutmeg, garlic, cloves, scallions and thyme. Doyle's version is a hot party in my mouth.

There's no such thing as eating wings daintily - meaning my lady like manners get thrown straight out the window as I dig into each bite tearing and clawing my way through these evenly coated little drummies and wings. Jamaican jerk sauce still dabbles the side of my mouth as I write this. I was saving it for later.

DOYLE'S PUBLIC HOUSE, 11-2 a.m. daily, 208 Saint Helens Ave., Tacoma, 253.272.7468.