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Asian fusion comes to Olympia

K-Town Rice Bowl and Korean Fusion Deli

The K-Town Bulgogi Bowl was worth the trip south. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: It doesn't take much to get Jackie and Dutch to take a trip south to Olympia to try out a new place. And this week, the trip offers a Korean-inspired menu packed with fresh ingredients and lots of flavor options for them to choose from.

JACKIE: I'd like to come back to this space for a few go arounds to sample a little bit of everything. The menu is packed with Asian fusion favorites: ramen, teriyaki bowls, bibimbap and my personal favorite, bulgogi. With that, I had to snag the K-Town Bahn Mi. The bread featured a delightful crunch that gave way to soft bready insides. Between the two was a fair portion of tender bulgogi and uber-fresh bites of jalapeño, lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, sprouts and julienned carrots. A well-crafted Bahn Mi, indeed.

DUTCH: There is plenty to choose from here including teriyaki, ramen, and traditional sides like kimchi, seaweed salad, and even Jop-Jae rolls, which are vermicelli noodles wrapped in seaweed and tempura batter before being deep-fried.

JACKIE: The Chicken Bento was pretty standard. Grilled chicken breast is slathered in teriyaki sauce and served with a side of white rice and your choice of salad or Korean sides. We opted for the sides which added some flare with kimchi and pickled veggies offering pops of spice. The dish didn't disappoint, but wasn't anything spectacular overall.

DUTCH: The rice bowls here are not to be passed up. Choices of fried katsu chicken, spicy pork, bulgogi or tofu are piled on top of steamed rice and vegetables. Both cooked with your selected protein like onions and broccoli, or fresh carrots and spinach offering a fresh balance to whatever your protein choice. I went with the bulgogi bowl, which was tender and well-seasoned with plenty of flavor, included two deep-fried pot stickers, and the serving size was more than enough to leave me full.

JACKIE: The Kid's Chicken Bowls were a nice find as well. White rice is topped with chicken breast and steamed broccoli, then finished with two pot stickers just like the full-size serving. The portion size is satisfying and the flavors are friendly to wee ones' palettes.

DUTCH: The vegan menu is quite extensive, even for Olympia. Offerings include a Sweet Chili tofu stir fry, tofu curry, vegetable bibimbap, and even a vegan Bahn Mi that substitutes tofu for Jackie's bulgogi. Additionally, if you prefer a lighter option that also supports a vegan diet, give either the Asian Salad or Wasabi Udon Noodle Salad a try -- packed with flavor, and completely absent of any guilt.

K-TOWN RICE BOWL AND KOREAN FUSION DELI, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday-Saturday; 1-9 p.m., Sunday, 3959 Martin Way E., Suite G, Olympia, 360.455.3328,

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