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Tim’s Kitchen

Diner-styled fare with generous portions

It’ll take some training to conquer this mountain of Spanish Hobo Hash. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

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ANNOUNCER: Tim's Kitchen, a popular stop in Orting, opened a second location on South Hill this past month. Dutch and Jackie bring their appetites this week and dive into the huge menu of diner comfort food ranging from breakfast dishes to dinner classics.

DUTCH: The weekend breakfast crowd here can cause waits up to 45 minutes, especially if you're not an early riser. However, one look at the large selection of breakfast choices, and the wait will be a forgotten thing of the past. From basic breakfasts of omelets or French toast, to heavier platters that are sure to keep you full all day. Don't worry, there are a few lighter fare dishes on the menu as well.

JACKIE: On the weekdays there's a steady trickle but no waits, which I prefer. I get Sasquatch hangry. Grumble, grumble, what's up with these yellow walls? Oh look, a toy train! Late morning, early afternoon you can choose from both the breakfast and the lunch menu which gives you an astronomic plethora of options. We kicked things off with their battered asparagus spears, so I could pretend to make a reasonably healthy choice for once. What? Asparagus is green, deep-fried or no. The batter had a satisfying crunch, though the butt remained on many, which became more annoying than anything -- the flavor was dang tasty.

DUTCH: Let's face it, I didn't wait in line for a light breakfast, so I grabbed hold of the chicken and waffles. A thick Belgian waffle is seasoned with a light touch of cinnamon, and then topped with a cinnamon butter that kicks the dish up a notch. Diners have a choice of three chicken tenders or two pieces of bone-in chicken to accompany the waffle. Be advised that the fried chicken adds an additional 20 minutes to the wait time. But hey, I already waited to get in, so what's another 20 minutes? Plus, I knew my chicken was made to order as it arrived piping hot; I had to pop open the crispy crust to allow it to cool enough to eat.

JACKIE: If there's anything they don't skimp on it's the portion sizes. The Spanish Hobo Hash was literally pounds of grub. Egg, breakfast potatoes, olives, onions and green pepper come piled high and then smothered in chili. For me, this was literally an all-day meal -- morning, noon and night.

DUTCH: The lunch and dinner menu is also known for its large plates. Even a simple dish like a grilled ham and cheese is taken to the next level. Here, three kinds of cheese are melted with a thick slice of ham steak between two slices of Texas toast. Add a side, and you'll be full . . . I promise. Another dish worth the grab is the bacon-wrapped hot dog. A quarter-pound dog is wrapped in bacon and served on a stadium bun with a melted cheddar sauce.

JACKIE: The fried chicken sandwich on the lunch menu boasted a hand-breaded chicken breast with a dill and jalapeño slaw. While tasty, the "spicy" description on the menu fell short but may be directed towards a clientele with more sensitive tastebuds. Also, when I went to dig into the second half of my sandwich, the bun had gone soggy, so I opted to chuck it to the side and finish the remainder of my chicken with a fork and knife. I'm not saying it was a bad sandwich, but it could use some work. Naturally, when given a choice of sides I went for the tots and was pleased by the sheer volume of them. Give me the tots. All the tots.

TIM'S KITCHEN, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., daily, 12615 Meridian E., Puyallup, 253.446.6750

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