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Burs Restaurant

Classic diner appeal awaits

All of your diner-styled favorites done just right. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

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ANNOUNCER: Craving comfort food, Dutch and Jackie head to Lakewood where Burs Restaurant has been serving homestyle breakfast, lunch and dinner for 70 years. After several owners during that time and three name changes, the name Burs, along with a commitment to quality food, has stood for nearly 50 of those years.

DUTCH: Since my dad retired years ago, he and his buddies have eaten breakfast here multiple times a week. This combined with the fact that I grew up in Lakewood and have driven past Burs hundreds of times leaves me surprised with myself that this is the first time I've ever stepped through the doors. I love the interior. Though nostalgic in style, the booths are spotless and absent of wear and tear despite the fact that they are always busy with diners.

JACKIE: My grandma worked there some years ago, just before she herself retired from the industry, but it remains a rare destination for me. Sometimes I just forget about it, but it's just plain good. Burs isn't reinventing the wheel, they're just providing classic diner fare in a cozy diner environment.

DUTCH: There is no denying the draw of a good diner breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, omelets . . . it's so difficult to choose just one. I kept it fairly simple this visit and ordered the whole wheat pancakes in an attempt to give the appearance of being healthy; which of course vanished quickly when I added a side of bacon. The pancake was thick and fluffy just as expected from a quality pancake, and the added hearty flavor from the whole wheat flour is a nice plus. Adding plenty of butter and syrup to the picture left me more than satisfied.

JACKIE: I didn't even pretend to be health-conscience and dove into The Monster. To say it is hearty is an understatement. Breakfast potatoes are piled high with three scrambled eggs tossed with a generous spattering of bell pepper, onion, bacon and ham. But that's not all, it's all slathering in housemade sausage gravy and finished with cheese for good measure. It provided me with sustenance for a full 24 hours. No regrets.

DUTCH: There is nearly everything available you could ever crave on the dinner menu, but I was hungering for some good fish and chips. The fish and chips here are made with the amount of care diners have come to expect. Three cod fillets are hand-battered and fried to a golden brown with house-made coleslaw and a large side of crispy fries that I was unable to finish because I dedicated most of my appetite to the fish and slaw.

JACKIE: No matter the time of day, I recommend you finish it all off with a slice of pie! Fresh, handmade pies with rotating flavors each day. The mixed berry pie highlighted a golden brown, flaky crust and loads of delectable berry bits and whole berries inside. These are classic just like the diner itself. Make it a'la mode and revel in the warmed, melty sweet treat.

BURS RESTAURANT, 6 a.m. to 9p.m., daily, 6151 Steilacoom Blvd. SW, Lakewood, 253.588.4844,

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