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All breakfast -- all day -- all weekend

Our Table in Olympia

The breakfast tacos were a popular choice by our reviewers. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: Located right in the heart of Olympia, Our Table offers diner meals that are driven by local and sustainable ingredients and a friendly staff that keep their customers coming back. In turn, they are known throughout town for their contributions made to the community as well. This week, Dutch and Jackie head down I-5 to grab a plate or two.

JACKIE: The ambiance is casual and charming. I can dig a spot that has crystals and plants on the window sill and a typewriter on display. It feels very Olympia. Though many establishments claim farm-to-table fare, Our Table holds true to their claim, sourcing everything from Washington state purveyors. They even make their own bacon in-house, which boasts thick, smoky slices crisped to perfection.

DUTCH: Ahh ... bacon. It certainly is a highlight here. If you are a fan of breakfast at any time of the day, you are in luck. Our Table serves only breakfast on the weekends. One gem here are the hazelnut pancakes that come as one or two cakes, depending on your appetite for plate-sized cakes. Each one is chock full of chopped hazelnuts and served with eggs, choice of breakfast meat (I went with bacon of course), butter for the pancakes, and a house-made syrup that is nutty with fall spices of butter and cinnamon that was so good it made me never want maple on my pancakes again.

JACKIE: Service leaves something to be desired. Everyone is friendly and approachable, but service errs on the side of slow. Like, don't expect a coffee refill during your visit, which isn't so unfortunate since I found their roasted bean juice to be less than stellar and a little tepid. All that said, the grub really shines here. The Breakfast Tacos are simple and delectable: two corn tortillas stuffed with scrambled egg, cheese, house-made chimichurri and hot sauce with a fresh crunch of cabbage and a drizzle of crema. Served alongside Our Table's breakfast potatoes that are tender rather than firm and loaded with what I suspect is oregano, you'll step away satisfied.

DUTCH: Great minds think alike, Jackie! I couldn't resist ordering the breakfast tacos either, except that I added a thick slice of pork belly to mix, which added a smokey and meaty flavor to the mix. I also had a different service experience. My service was quick and attentive throughout my meal; though it's important to note that there were only four tables occupied at the time. And friendly was not an issue. It rarely is when I visit Olympia.

JACKIE: The Hangar Steak and Eggs boasts a marinated and smoked steak with breakfast taters, eggs your way, flavorful chimichurri and a house-made biscuit. I'm tempted to try their biscuits and gravy on my next visit! The biscuit is exquisitely crumbly, and has the allure that only home cooking will deliver.

DUTCH: It is clear that we are breakfast foodies, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention there is way more to offer here than breakfast. The lunch offerings include such choices as fried oysters, pork belly, or even a seasonal vegetable plate. If you do make it in on a non-weekend day, grab a plate of the onion rings. Fresh local onions are beer-battered, fried to perfection and served alongside an herbed aioli that can't be beat.

OUR TABLE, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., daily, 406 4th Ave. E., Olympia,

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