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Gyro Bites

A hidden gem tucked away in the urban jungle

You will need both hands to eat the gyros at Gyro Bites. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: This week, Jackie and Dutch venture to the often-forgotten end of Sixth Ave. between Pearl and Jackson and come across a small family Mediterranean place. Gyro Bites offers a bit more than just gyros and is tucked back into the corner opposite of the Grocery Outlet.

JACKIE: I'm totally guilty of zipping past just about every destination on this end of Sixth without giving it much thought and didn't even know that Gyro Bites was a thing. It's tucked deep into an almost forgotten strip mall just yards away from the Grocery Outlet. The dining space is an intimate, strip mall standard. A large television quietly playing cartoons, a display with canned sodas and an order-at-the-counter vibe. The menu has a selection of sandwiches and gyros, plated entrées and tasty appetizers like hummus and baba ganoush.

DUTCH: I gave the classic gyro a try rather than get too fancy with my choices. I was served up a large pita that was packed with seasoned beef and lamb driven by the cumin and coriander spices. Additionally, it was packed with fresh lettuce, tomato, and onions and then topped off with plenty of tzaziki sauce. The meat and sauce are what I love about gyros, and though the size required both of my hands, I found myself wanting more. I didn't need it ... but I wanted it.

JACKIE: I had my reservations as I eyed a bottle of sriracha sitting upon the table that looked ... suspect. But aside from the questionable looking condiment, Gyro Bites knocked it out of the park. The pita is that delightfully warmed, pillowy soft goodness that makes it the perfect vehicle for the contents inside. I also went with the classic gyro (they were out of chicken on my visit) and was not disappointed. I devoured every bite even as my belly had some second thoughts and was feeling especially full. The portion sizes are generous given the price point.

DUTCH: I also ordered the Chicken Shawarma which is a dish that is driven by garlic, cumin and turmeric that is grilled along with onions and tomatoes. However, I was served a chicken gyro instead and a language disconnect prevented me from explaining the error. With that said, the chicken gyro is an option for anyone looking for a lighter version, both in fat and in flavor. And like all the sandwiches on the menu, you can order a combination plate that includes fries and a soda.

JACKIE: The hummus appetizer was simple and tasty. Warmed triangles of pita accompanied hummus with a drizzle of olive oil, sprinkling of spices and a few nibbles of heat in peppercini, pickled jalapeño, black olive and banana pepper. The baba ganoush is on my must-try list upon my next visit. Which will be soon.

DUTCH: Lastly, if you're looking for a light meal with a great deal of flavor, grab a large Greek Salad for just $4.99. Packed with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, all tossed in olive oil and topped with plenty of feta cheese, it's an excellent option that will satisfy your palate without any dietary regrets.

GYRO BITES, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday-Saturday; noon-6 p.m., Sunday, 6409 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.212.2447

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