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Burger Seoul

Seriously good stuff

Burger Seoul’s BulgogigerBurger, a top-shelf hand-held experience in flavors. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: Jackie and Dutch are both fans of simple menus with a promise of quality food without room for shortcuts or ingredient mishaps, and Central Tacoma Neighborhood's Burger Seoul fits that bill. With only five items on the menu, Jackie and Dutch were anxious to give it a try.
DUTCH: Well, after just a few minutes looking at the menu attached to the side of the truck, I went for the BulgogigerBurger. Marinated Korean grilled ribeye? Yes, please. And piles of it arrived on my toasted bun along with crispy lettuce, pickled Korean cucumbers, and plenty of rich, dark, Bulgogi sauce. The ribeye is tender, the lettuce and Korean cucumbers are crispy to give the sandwich a good textural balance, and the sauce ... wow. This is not your everyday burger or sandwich; this is a top-shelf hand-held experience in flavors.
JACKIE: Seriously, Seoul Burgers presents the perfectly balanced burger each and every time. A generous portion of meat and accompaniments is sandwiched between a nicely toasted bun that sets a solid foundation for all the delectable nibbles within. I dove into the Fire Soul which features tender Korean grilled pork butt, crisp lettuce, spicy Korean cucumber and Seoul hot sauce. The spice level is the perfect punch of flavor with a warmth that builds from beginning to end. According to the menu, the Fire Soul is "Tacoma's Favorite Hangover Cure," though no hangover required to indulge.

DUTCH: Other than burgers, the only other options are two kinds of fries -- either garlic or sweet. The sweet potato fries are listed as "the sweetest in town". I haven't eaten every fry in town, but these are crisp, sweet and salty, and exactly what I expected. The serving size is generous, but not so much that I couldn't eat them all, which I appreciate as I find myself leaving more fries on a plate than any other food I eat. A side of ketchup (included) is a good idea because it adds an additional tangy layer to all the flavors already going on in your meal.

JACKIE: If you're into a classic burger, the Seoul Burger will hit the spot. The patty is made with 100 percent NW fresh ground beef, chuck and short rib served medium rare or a temp to your liking. Sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, spinach and Seoul sauce bring it all together on a brioche bun. It's a two-hand, pile of napkins beauty. Pro tip: a gluten-free bun can be substituted for a nominal upcharge, if you have dietary restrictions.
DUTCH: I love the partnership between food truck and mini mart business owners. There aren't beverages available at Burger Seoul, so I was simply told by the owner to head on into the store where they had a lot of choices, and promised that my burger would be done when I came out. It was.
BURGER SEOUL, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday-Tuesday; Wednesday closed, 1750 S. Prospect, Tacoma, 253.326.3613, facebook or to order ahead

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