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A gem in the harbor

NetShed No. 9

Bacon maple cinnamon rolls served from a cast iron skillet Photo credit: Jackie Fender

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ANNOUNCER: After all the tequila and tacos last week, Dutch and Jackie needed to kickstart this weekend with the most important meal of the day, breakfast ... well, maybe brunch if you get a late start. Enter NetShed No. 9 in Gig Harbor. Their menu boasts brunch staples with a creative twist all served upon the harbor's most magnificent deck, seaside.

DUTCH: I was lucky enough to go on a sunny day and enjoyed my breakfast out on the deck. Fresh air to go along with fresh and creative ingredients.

JACKIE: This tucked away gem is among my favorite brunch options in the region. Those who don't know any better could zip right by and not realize it even exists, and boy, are they missing out. The interior is intimate with an open kitchen with the seating options tripling if you include the patio. Aside from the obvious appeal of the view, NetShed No. 9 features a great balance of sweet and savory dishes from breakfast to lunch.

DUTCH: I have passed by it many times, and can't believe I didn't know about this place before. I couldn't resist the breakfast burger with a full quarter-pound sausage patty, bacon, cheese, greens, the housemade tomato jam, and a fried egg. All of this is sandwiched between two halves of a fresh, homemade English muffin. Seriously, who makes homemade English muffins? Pair this with some O'Brien potatoes and it truly is the breakfast version of a burger and fries.

JACKIE: The writer in me appreciates how their menu is penned. There's an airy and eloquent vibe to each item, rather than just a boring ingredient list. There's a little storytelling going on here. Also, breakfast appetizers? Yes. Please. Do the cinnamon rolls served fresh from a cast iron skillet. On the weekends (and some weekdays) you can score the bacon rolls with maple drizzle or fun featured flavors that always delight.

DUTCH: I went with the plain cinnamon rolls with no regrets.

JACKIE: As an excuse to use their house-made Hell Yeah Hot Sauce, I usually opt for a savory dish. This visit being no exception, I ordered the Passion of the Hash. Two sunny-side-up eggs sit aloft perfectly seasoned breakfast potatoes, smoky cubed pork bits, cheese curds, peppers and oven-dried tomatoes all finished off with a drizzle of creamy béchamel sauce. A dash or two of the Hell Yeah does just dandy, seriously, use sparingly.

DUTCH: I stayed sweet and also tried the ricotta and sourdough pancake. Yes, just the one plate-sized cake with bacon, lots of butter and maple syrup. It's a unique pancake that is hard to put into words -- creamy, fluffy, with a little bite -- you really have to try it to appreciate it. And you should.

JACKIE: If you're not hankering for breakfast items, NetShed serves up a few sandwich and soup options as well. The Bahn Mi features flavorful and tender meat with peppers, slaw and cilantro on a perfectly toasted roll. It's a dead sexy sandwich that is equally scrumptious.

NetShed No. 9, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday-Monday; closed Tuesday-Wednesday, 3313 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor, 253.858.7175,

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