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Point Defiance Tap and Grill

New review team tackles Ruston favorite

PDTG Nachos featuring a rich and creamy cheese sauce. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

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ANNOUNCER: Our review team is changing at the Weekly Volcano. The dePaul brothers have moved their reservation, and starting this week we welcome the team of Dutch Randall and Jackie Fender. Happy dining!

DUTCH: Open for a few years now, Point Defiance Tap and Grill still has that clean and new feel to it which is a good sign.  It has an open and welcoming feel as well as family friendly despite the tap room model.  The service is equally friendly, so much so that I visited on trivia night when every diner was made to feel as if they were having a family game night at home.

JACKIE: They definitely have some cool happenings including a rainy day discount and even a discount for those who bring in their zoo ticket stubs. Every time I've dined here there have been other families in attendance, which is excellent given the proximity to Point Defiance Park and Zoo. If you're kid free though, the lounge is tucked away in the back with it's own side entrance. Over the years they've added to the character of the space. A partition adorned with a lovely collection of potted plants on top gives the once minimalistic feel, a warmer, more intimate dining ambiance, which I dig. There's also a television in the corner with a comfy couch positioned for the ultimate brew and sports experience.

DUTCH: As a tap room, we should expect a wide variety of beer on tap, and you will find that here.  With over a dozen rotating taps, you are sure to find a beer that quenches your thirst.  There are also several offerings of bottled or canned beer and cider available.

JACKIE: I appreciate the Pacific Northwest focus on their craft brew selection. The rotating menu guarantees that you can find a new favorite during your sipping journey. Plus, they have Jones Soda for those seeking non-alcoholic options.

DUTCH: I gave the grilled salmon burger a try, and though I'm generally not a fan of salmon patty burgers compared to those made with filets, the patty here is well seasoned and grilled with a crunchy edge that added an unexpected texture.  The seasoning didn't overpower the flavor of the salmon, and when partnered with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, a soft bun and a side salad makes for a light but filling meal.

JACKIE: The seafood and burger options are plentiful but I'm still mourning the loss of their house-made ketchup that paired perfectly with excellently seasoned, hand-cut fries. Man, that stuff was delicious. On my most recent visit, I gave the PDTG Nachos a shot. Anything they're willing to put their initials on that boasts of their "famous queso" has to be a winner. The nachos featured nicely distributed cheese sauce, rich and creamy but lacking the heat I crave. The fresh diced tomatoes, olives, pickled jalapenos were tasty and the salsa, made in house featured loads of fresh flavors with chunks of tomato, onion and garlic. You can opt for meat free or add grilled chicken or salty pulled pork for a couple of bucks.

DUTCH: There is plenty here for nearly everyone, for meat eaters, seafood lovers, and even vegetarians.  But mostly, there's beer and a friendly staff.

JACKIE: Mmmmm, beer.

Point Defiance Tap and Grill, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday; 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday, 5101 N. Pearl St., Ruston, 253.426.1593,

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