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Brews and tacos

Brewer's Row near Proctor offering well-crafted Mexican

Brewer’s Row burritos are packed with goodies. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

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ANNOUNCER: If you like Cook's Tavern where North 26th comes to a flashing red just outside of the Proctor District, then you'll like it's cousin next door at Brewer's Row - a no-fuss Mexican space with craft beers on tap and to-go.

JASON: The space feels good - I like the no-frills and big center table where single diners can enjoy street tacos and a brew fast and easy.  

JAKE: With 24 taps and a fridge full of additional choices, Brewer's Row is an appropriate name for this place. The beer and cider choices are available in 10- and 16-ounce for in-house enjoyment or 32- and 64-ounce growlers to take home with you.

Brewer’s Row chile verde is simple yet hearty. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

JASON: It's a who's who of nicely crafted Mexican delights including breakfast tacos as early as 7 a.m., or later eight burrito choices, six soft street taco options, tortas, salads, nachos and more.

JAKE:  I started off with a cup of the Chile Verde, $5.50.  This was a simple stew of pork and potatoes in a green chili sauce that is both flavorful and hearty.  I would have been happy with more than one tortilla for dipping, however.

JASON: The taco plate was quick and fast for lunch and presented well on a small plate.  The chicken, beef and pork fillings are well seasoned with earthy spices topped by diced onion, cilantro, radish, cotija (a mild cheese) and choice of salsa for $8.75.

JAKE: Do not miss the burritos, $7-$8.75, which are packed full with seasoned rice, pinto beans, fresh house-made pico de gallo, monterey jack cheese, and your choice of meat.  I chose the carnitas in the guajillo-tecate braise that was smoky and full of flavor.  All this was rolled tightly into a soft flour tortilla.  I will almost certainly be back for another burrito here.

JASON: The nachos are both large and well concocted - perfect for sharing, or satisfying for a big eater.  They come about three-chip deep with chile-powdered chips, pork, pickled chiles, cilantro and a tapatio aioli ... easier to eat than say.

JAKE:  Everything here is served quickly and ready to travel.  And, I can't stress enough how great the drive home is eating a piping hot churro - bready and sweet!

BREWER'S ROW, 3205 North 26th St., Tacoma, 253.327.1757,

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