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Biscuits in the International District

The Biscuit House is unique among its neighbors

Biscuit House is a great alternative in Lakewood’s International District. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

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ANNOUNCER: The stretch along South Tacoma Way, between Hwy 512 and 84th Street, is known as Lakewood's International District, and is the place to find some of the area's best Asian cuisine.  A biscuit house, serving egg dishes for breakfast and lunch, plus some additional lunch items, seems a bit out of place in this area, however, diversity is never a bad thing.

JAKE: What I like best is that for just $4, you can drop in for a coffee and fresh biscuit super close to I-5 and Highway 512. 

JASON: Biscuit House is part of a small strip mall.  You order at the counter and then find a seat in the small dining room.  With lots of windows, it can feel a bit chilly, especially on these cold winter days, however the staff, including the chef who brought out our meals, are super friendly.

JAKE: The focus of their breakfast menu is their full biscuit breakfast for just $8.  This includes their large biscuit drenched in sausage gravy and served with eggs and a choice of sausage or crispy bacon.  This is a meal made for an appetite, and could be the best breakfast bargain in the Lakewood area.

JASON: It is a rib-sticker breakfast, for sure, but in a good way.  The gravy is thick but not glutinous.

JAKE: The biscuit breakfast sandwich is also a great deal at just $5. The signature biscuit holds eggs, bacon and melted cheese, and is nothing like the fast food options. Beyond biscuits and breakfast, the lunch offerings, specifically their hamburgers, are unique in that each are served between ciabatta rolls.  The house burger includes lettuce, tomatoes and caramelized onions.  

JASON: The Chef Burger is great.  I'd guess it was hand packed, and tasted the way burgers do at home.  I could be wrong, but I don't think it was frozen.  The Chef Burger comes with blue cheese, and the ciabatta roll was fresh with a nice chewiness to it.  I was less impressed with the taco salad.  It came with well-prepared strips of grilled chicken and Mexican-seasoned chips, however, it was mostly iceberg lettuce with barely a pinch of cheese.  

The Biscuit House, 9702 South Tacoma Way #102, Tacoma, 253.301.3594,

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