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Going Irish in Puyallup

All of your favorites in the valley

A panini with style at Flanagan’s in Puyallup. Photo credit: Jake and Jason De Paul

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Announcer: There are plenty of Irish dining options in the South Sound, probably one close to where you live.  For those in Puyallup, the choice is easy - Flanagan's right there on the main street in the valley.  They are the new kids on the block, having just opened this past March.  And already, by the looks of their Yelp page, they are making a stellar impression.

Jake: With 27 craft brews on tap, my first stop was clearly to look at the day's choices written on the chalkboard on the wall.  With so many available options, I chose to go with both sides of the menu. First I tried the pineapple cream ale which was both hearty and sweet and really hit the spot as a fresh summer ale.  My favorite, however, was the Irish Death brewed locally out of Ellensburg.  It's not quite a stout, and not quite a porter, but it is very dark and well balanced with a smooth finish

Jason: My first beer was a Guinness.  My second beer was a Guinness

Jake: Though surprising that with a name like Flanagan's, there isn't a full Irish food offering here, but the simple menu does have a great deal of tasty offerings.  A few original appetizer offerings include Flanagan's pretzels complete with the house made Mud Mountain beer cheese for dipping.  Another must try are the west coast nachos which are loaded with all the toppings you would expect; chicken, cheese, olives, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa and jalapenos with the twist being a foundation built upon spiral cut potato fries

Jason: The Shepherd's Pie had me from the moment I saw it at another table.  The oblong dish is loaded with cheesy potatoes over meat and vegetables in a savory gravy.  The Tuesday night pot roast is also a meat and gravy lovers' dream

Jake: I hit Flanagan's right at peak dinner hour after work, and I still managed to get both greeted and served quite quickly.  The four-cheese panini for just $8 comes dripping with tons of cheese including provolone, gouda, cheddar and pepper jack.  The panini is also available with ham, bacon, chicken, or turkey ... I went with the turkey, and the sandwich was a full, hearty meal

Jason: Another creative option from the sandwich menu is the chicken Caesar wrap.  Everything I love about a Caesar salad including the creamy dressing and rich parmesan cheese but in a hand held version.

Jake: The Guinness and Jameson chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream tops every meal with perfection.

FLANAGAN'S, 120 S Meridian, Puyallup, 253.268.3246

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