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Vostok Dumpling House

New Tacoma location continues tradition of quality Russian food

Russian fries at Vostock Dumpling House. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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Seattle's Vostok Dumpling House has added a second location right here in Tacoma on Commerce Street.Now Tacomans can also enjoy quick bites of Eastern Europe for lunch or dinner for just a few bucks out of their pocket as most tastings range between $5-$10 for half and full orders, respectfully.

The process here is as simple as the character of the dining area; a few tables with basic stools and a counter front and center for ordering.  There are three dumpling options to choose from in either a chicken or pork-filled pelmeni and a vegetarian option of a potato cheddar vareniki.  The next step is to choose a sauce - or style as it is called here - with which Vostok will cover your dish.  Now, the sauces are where the flavors really come alive; you can choose a mild style like The Bay of Pigs of rich butter, thyme and fresh-chopped green onions, or a spicy selection available with the Rocky IV that combines smoky bacon, caramelized onions and a spicy sausage.  One of the more popular - and my favorite - is the Ivan, which is a good middle choice of bacon and caramelized onions, but includes garlic. With each combination, you are guaranteed each bite will be as flavorful as the next; and with a generous serving of bread for dipping, you are equally assured to enjoy every last drop.

Though the pork pelmeni Ivan style may be my favorite, owner Anna Motso's favorite is the Russian fries that combine deep fried potato cheddar vareniki and top them with smooth sour cream, fresh, crisp green onions and salty bacon.  As she described them, they are her version of a baked potato, and when you stop in, listen to her, because these are like no other quick bite, and they are not to be missed.  The entire staff is incredibly helpful; if the eastern European food experience is new to you, they will steer you in the right direction.

As an eastern European shop, Vostok wouldn't be complete without offering house-made borscht and cabbage salad.  Additionally, for a quick bite of savory and sweet, grab yourself a piroshky offered with sauerkraut, cherry or apple.  The idea here is to offer fast and simple tastings in a casual environment.  Grab a few items, and share among friends.

VOSTOCK DUMPLING HOUSE, 1126 Commerce St., Tacoma, 253.301.1085

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