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Dragon's Crawfish

Sample Cajun-style seafood in East Tacoma

Crawfish by the bucketful available at Dragon’s Crawfish. Photo credit:

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One of the great things about the Pacific Northwest is the wonderful variety of cuisine choices we have available just moments from our doorstep. So much so in fact, that we forget that we don't corner the market on great food.  Dragon's Crawfish on the Eastside has shown up just in time to remind us that  we are one step closer to cornering the market.

Crawfish, crawdad, or mudbug ... however you say it, Dragon's Crawfish has ‘em by the bucketful.  Cajun seafood is a simple concept:  grab as much seafood as you can, add vegetables and meat, then bring to a boil in a spicy broth.  Don't let the name fool you, Dragon's Crawfish has more than crawfish to offer including shrimp, clams, and three different kinds of crab, though if you order the Dungeness, it will come separate from the rest.

You can design your own boil combination, but a popular combination is the crawfish, clams and shrimp boil, and it is not to be missed.  I wasn't quite brave enough to go with the dragon's breath level of spice, but a medium level gives enough heat for nearly any diner without sacrificing taste.  By choosing a mixture of items for your boil, you give yourself a wider variety of textures that complement the spices. Though the prices change daily depending on the market price of the fresh seafood, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of food on your table.

The biggest thing to remember going in is that this is a messy affair. And when I say messy, I mean messy - brown paper on the table and your hands are your utensils.  Plan on really having a hands-on meal to enjoy with sticky fingers and shells all over the place as your participation trophy.  So, don't be afraid, bring your family and friends, dig in and enjoy.

And finally, remember to add the fresh baked bread to your order to sop up all the spicy broth you'll be left with.  And since your hands will already be messy, you won't have to be dainty about it.  And in the end, you can wash it all down with an ice cold bottle of beer.

Dragon's Crawfish, 750 S. 38th St., Tacoma, 253.301.0020

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