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Dining in history

Creative cocktails and good food in the old Paddy Coynes. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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The great thing about a city that thrived in the pre-WW2 era is that there are great old buildings that are being utilized as condos, studios and restaurants all over town. This makes for some venues that draw people in for the old timey feel, and if you add quality food to the mix, then people will come back. The Vault, located in downtown Tacoma on Pacific Avenue in the old Encore location, has taken the dark wood and stained glass and added a creative cocktail and pub food menu that is unmatched.

In addition to having most of the PNW favorite brews and ciders on tap, The Vault also has a collection of cocktails unparalleled.  Mixing bourbons and fruit juices, infused vodkas, and even a splash of tequila or gin to make certain everyone's favorite is available.  One such concoction is the pineapple upside-down cake, a mixture of vanilla infused bourbon and pineapple juice and macadamia nut liquor shaken over ice and served in a champagne glass.  An absolutely perfect drink after a long day at work; sweet and nutty, with just the kick one should expect from a special cocktail.

Though you can get a decent burger, a roast beef sandwich, or a Caesar salad shows good diversity in The Vault's extended and creative menu.  The menu includes a lot of standard pub favorites, but make certain to look closely, as nearly each item has a distinctive difference from other pub food.  Personally, I love a good BLT, or even a BLTA (avocado), both of which can be found just about anywhere in town.  But a BLT and E? Yep, Bacon, lettuce, tomato and egg.  Piles of bacon and lettuce, accompanied by fresh roasted tomatoes, and an egg fried hard and served warm on toasted rustic white bread, makes for an interesting take.  Served with your choice of fries, house salad or Caesar salad, the BLT and E is worth talking about.

Lots of great drinks, a creative menu, and plenty of room for you and your friends, it is easy to see why The Vault is packed with Tacoma patrons nearly every weekend.

The Vault Restaurant and Bar, 1025 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.572.3145

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