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Taco pizza pushes taste boundaries

Medi’s Pizza does it right

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Medi's Pizza on 6th Ave in Tacoma offers something unique to what has become a reborn, upscale neighborhood in North Tacoma.  In addition to local brews, spirits, pasta and great pizza, it offers a downscale eatery to take the whole family or just hang out with friends.

The atmosphere at Medi's is small and simple, however, its open design does not make a diner feel cramped, as there is plenty of room to eat, talk and move around without feeling as if you have suddenly become part of someone else's dinner conversation.  It also has a few vintage 1980s arcade games such as Donkey Kong with the credits racked up enough to entertain your kids for free until your meal arrives; which in my case, was ready sooner than my boys were.

The menu has nearly everything you would expect from a small location that offers pizza and pasta, including cheesy bread, fresco flatbread, Caesar salad and antipasto as starters to any meal.  If pizza isn't what you are craving, the menu offers several calzones for $8.99, a simple pasta menu of lasagna, mac ‘n cheese, or pasta and sauce (Alfredo, marinara or pesto) all for less than $10.  Furthermore, you can choose from a selection of sandwiches as well.

If the games and open atmosphere isn't enough to entice you to bring your kids along, Medi's kids menu is very simple; mac ‘n cheese, butter noodles or an individual sized two-topping pizza and a drink for just $5.

I refuse to eat at a pizza joint that can't make a decent pepperoni pizza, so I stole a slice of my son's individual pepperoni pizza and quickly understood why he was so upset when I did.  Homemade crispy crust with just the right amount of sauce, cheese and pepperoni left me wishing the individual pizza was twice the size.

Satisfied with the quality of the pepperoni pizza, I branched out and ordered the Tacoma Taco, which is consisted of seasoned beef, onions, jalapenos, a three cheese blend and then topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and salsa ($12.99 - $16.99). The Tacoma Taco is different from other taco pizzas that I've enjoyed as the beef truly is seasoned and tastes just like a taco. The jalapenos add just the right amount of heat that only one of the brews on tap can quench.  In my case this was a Blue Moon Belgian White, which had the perfect citrus background to match the heat of the Tacoma Taco.

Finally, as if pizza isn't enough at a pizza joint, an Italian sub is always a treat when made well. Medi serves homemade meatballs on a homemade bun smothered in marinara and mozzarella ($6.99). THIS is a good sandwich - hearty, flavorful and filling! I'm anxious to return and try one of the other five sandwiches that are offered.

The food quality and atmosphere is enough to make me want to come back, but the excellent service is enough to guarantee that I'll be back again and again. As a small restaurant, it doesn't take many servers to make certain everyone is satisfied, and when I was there, each one of them worked together to make sure exactly that was happening.

(Medi's Pizza, 2710 6th Ave., Tacoma, Monday through Wednesday and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. (253) 272-2531)

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