Medi's Pizza & Pasta

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2710 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 272-2531


Italian, Pizza
Beer and Wine Only, Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Take-out
Avg. Meal:

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Reviewed by: Jennifer Johnson

O'Malley's sister location, Medi's Pizza and Pasta, opened last month to a warm community response. Earlier this spring manager Josh Norris told the Volcano, "We want to do simple, good food." Medi's delivers on this, as well as Norris' goal of offering family affordability when dining out. A menu of simple, home-style Italian pasta dishes, grinders, calzones and pizza (full pies and by the slice) is served in a very casual, seat-yourself environment. Piping hot lasagna packs al dente pasta sheets with requisite cheeses and a basic meat sauce accompanied by large side salad of crisp romaine ($9).  Portions are average, and more than fair considering pricing. Calzones are $6, while 10- to 16-inch pizzas are $7-$10. If there was an award for extremely thin crust Medi's pizza would win it; slices fold in half easily.

Fans of Sluggo Music, the space's previous occupant, will be glad to know the iconic sign remains and hangs on the wall behind the micro-music stage. Flatscreen TVs air sports games, easily seen from anywhere in the restaurant, and a simple railing separates the bar from the family restaurant section.

Cocktails, domestic and micro draft beer and fountain drinks are available. Food is offered until after midnight to cater to the late-night crowd. 


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