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1125 Court C # 1
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 627-5319


Beer and Wine Only, Credit Cards Accepted, Take-out, Vegetarian-Friendly
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Reviewed by: Volcano Staff

Umami (pronounced oooh-mommy). When food achieves it, heads nod in wordless agreement. If you've never ventured into the world of sushi (raw fish with rice) and sashimi (raw fish), you're in for a treat. Don't think raw; think umami, a marvelous mind-body adventure - a ying-yang harmony balancing the earth and sea. Chef Endo insists on pristine fish flesh and preparation -- a wise principle. The miso's tasty, the condiments great. Other perennial staples like Yosenabe brim with calamari, oysters, shrimp, scallops, hunks of salmon and halibut, cabbage, and vegetables. Tempura are fried to feathery crispy perfection. Sukiyaki bathes in a rich beef-flavored broth. Top-notch downtown spot. 


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