C.I. Shenanigans

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3017 Ruston Way
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 752-8811


Brunch, Northwestern, Seafood, Steakhouse
Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar, Live Music, Outdoor Dining
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The Review

Reviewed by: Volcano Staff

Upscale, polished, and offering a happy hour that can’t be beat, Shenanigans is the ideal place to go for drinks with coworkers, clients or hey, even friends.

You can hang at the long snazzy bar with every imaginable spirit or lounge in the lounge chairs with a bottle of Silver Oak or Frog's Leap.  The efficient waitpersons seem to glide, as if on ball bearings. Or, head into the dining room for seafood, steaks and Northwest cuisine.

All steaks are seared with C.I. Merlot Butter.  Once the plates were on the table, our server encouraged us to sample the meat immediately to ensure that the steaks were cooked to our specifications.  It was a nice touch which we appreciated, and the steaks were cooked just as we'd ordered them - perfectly medium rare.  The Certified Premium Ribeye was a beautifully marbled, 16-ounce aged choice steak, juicy and tender, grilled with zesty chop spice rub, paired with crispy Parmesan smashed potatoes.  The Garlic Vesuvio Filet was a meltingly tender 9-ounce beauty stuffed with roasted garlic with a caramelized shallot garlic demi-glace - also with the smashed potatoes riding shotgun.  The guy behind us tackled the Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding and a baked spud big enough to ride.  He wore the pleasure on his face.

LINK: We reviewed it December 2010


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