Gikan Teriyaki #7

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900 Meridian E.
Milton, WA 98354
(253) 952-2333

Credit Cards Accepted, Take-out

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Reviewed by: Steph DeRosa

What's funny is trying to imagine the Gikan Teriyaki #2, #3, or #5.  Are they all the same? Is the original Gikan Teriyaki #1 all uppity because it was the original?  Do they really own seven of them, or is it because six other people took the name "Gikan Teriyaki"? 

Gikan Teriyaki calls it like they see it.  Their dish — Spicy Chicken and Mushroom — is exactly that. It is nothing but chicken pieces, mushrooms, and spicy sauce.  None of that bullshit some other competing teriyaki joints might put in the dish as fillers, like water chestnuts.  Water chestnuts in a teriyaki dish are like croutons in a salad — cheap, tasteless, and utterly useless.

As for the slow burn factor, and as with pretty much any spicy Asian dish, the sooner you eat it before it cools down, the fiery the pepper heat.  As it filled my belly, the Spicy Chicken and Mushroom plate from Gikan Teriyaki set a quaint blaze to my mouth and kept me happy.


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