Warthog Barbeque Pit

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  • 4.5/5 Star Rating.

Based on 2 Ratings

4921 20th St E
Fife, WA 98424
(253) 896-5091


American, Barbecue, Southern
Beer and Wine Only, Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Outdoor Dining
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The Review

Reviewed by: Jake and Jason de Paul

Man, do we love the smell of smoking meat.

It's comfy in Warthog, loaded with taxidermy animals, antlers, stuffed warthogs, wall plaques, figurines - up to the rafters and beyond.

The half dozen hot wings are sans breading and fried till moderately crisp - which is good in our book. The wings are seasoned - another plus in our book. We dunked the naked wings in house sauce: a tangy, deeply sweet barbecue made with molasses.

We admit we ordered the "nasty rice" just so we could say the word "nasty" in public. Sue us.

Warthog's corn bread is fluffy, a bit sweet and a bit salty - winning it two relieved thumbs-up since dried out, bland corn bread may be the worst thing ever. We crumbled some, drizzled it with barbecue sauce made with mustard (called jerk sauce), mixed it into a pile on my plate, and shoveled it up with a spoonful of beans. Mmm, mmm good. Big chunks of ham and onions provided a serious bonus to the beans' flavor.

For entrees, the Moo, Cluck, Oink is the way to go. At $12.65, chicken, beef brisket, and pork ribs arrive with two side dishes. That's a better deal than the Louisiana Purchase. The ribs are tender, moist and had meat falling off the bone.

Warthog's brisket will win everyone over with its smokey goodness.


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  • 5/5 Star Rating.

Trina said on Oct. 03, 2010 at 7:39pm

Great food. I come here when I want some southern BBQ.
Place is a bit crammed, I wouldn't arrive with a large group; 2-3 people max.

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  • 4/5 Star Rating.

alamo.city.expat said on Apr. 22, 2011 at 5:52pm

Great food & excellent customer service & unique decor. We had a yummy lunch of brisket sandwiches and pecan pie dessert. No line at the order counter, self-serv sodas with free refills, the food was up quick and brought to our table. Staff is friendly and even came back to ask if we needed anything else--during lunch rush! Didn't give this place 5-stars because it is really really small and tables are much too close to each other. Not for the claustrophobic. Don't expect to have a private conversation here, but patrons take it in stride. Gravel + pothole parking lot is also very small. All things considered the BBQ makes it worth the effort.

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