Bruceski's Buffalo Wings and Pizza

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1584 McNeil Street, Suite 100
Dupont, WA 98327
(253) 912-4305

American, Pizza
Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Take-out

The Review

Reviewed by: Jennifer Johnson

Not a new location, but definitely worth trying, Bruceski's Buffalo in DuPont serves up freshly made Buffalo wings. Big deal, you're thinking, right? Wrong. The wings at Bruceski's are not the once frozen variety. Thinly breaded to order and flash fried, wings don't drown in sauce either; you can actually taste this meaty affair. If super saucy is how you like your wings, be sure to order extra. Sauces are made in-house: jalapeno, habanero, sweet and tangy barbeque and spicy barbeque. Want it real hot? Bruceski's can accommodate.

I was generally skeptical, since Bruceski's has the look of a franchise operation, but I was pleased to discover the food tastes of family recipes. The menu includes pizza, salads, cheesy bread, calzones, pasta dishes and hot wings - both bone-in and boneless. Foot long and massive, calzones come stuffed with green peppers, sausage, ricotta cheese, broccoli, beef, pineapple - you name it.

Lunch specials run till 2 p.m. and allow combinations of pizza by the slice, a five wing order and 24-ounce fountain drink for under $10. Military receive ten percent discount on Mondays and delivery service is available in DuPont and to Fort Lewis. Huge cookies are homemade - cranberry harvest, white chocolate macadamia nut, chocolate chip, peanut butter, oh my.


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