Peace, Love & Raw

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111 Legion Way SW
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 753-5683

American, Dessert, Subs/Sandwiches
Kid-Friendly, Take-out, Vegetarian-Friendly

The Review

Reviewed by: Molly Gilmore

Every business, it seems, has its signature product. In the case of Olympia's raw deli Peace, Love & Raw, it's the RawNaimo bar.

With a crunchy crust, a creamy filling and a rich cacao topping, it tastes like a nutritional nightmare, but in fact is made primarily of almonds, coconut and macadamia nuts.

This candy bar, carried in co-ops and natural food stores from Bellingham to Medford, Ore., was the start of Peace, Love & Raw, which has been serving up juices, smoothies, salads and more since it opened in April 2013.

Peace, Love & Raw has expanded its offerings with sandwich specials, served on a raw bread made with onions; red lentil chili; and "cheezcakes," made with cashews and flavored with such ingredients as fresh berries, cacao and lavender.

Next steps: offering entrée specials and packaging slices of the cheezcake - which draws raves on the deli's Facebook page - for retail stores.

The deli has already served raw lasagna, raw tacos with spiced walnut filling and zucchini noodles and is pondering pizza.

PEACE, LOVE & RAW, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday, 111 Legion Way SW, Olympia, 360.753.5683,


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