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Best of Olympia 2019: Sofie's Scoops Gelato

Readers' Pick: Best New Business, Best Guilty Pleasure, and Best Dessert

Sofie’s Scoops reign supreme in the sweet treat department. (Credit: Jackie Fender)

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As the old saying goes, "the cream rises to the top," and when it comes to Olympians' favorite hot spot for a sweet treat, this is a literal term in this case. You cast your votes and Sofie's Scoops rose to the top of the charts reigning supreme in not one but three categories: Best New Business, Guilty Pleasure and Dessert.

Really, it's no wonder, located in the hip, open-air, artisan food market, 222 Market -- the Sofie's Scoops display case entices patrons who venture across the threshold with colorful, smoothed pans of gelato and sorbetto waiting to be indulged upon. Owner Sofie Landis said of their approach to business, "Sofie's Scoops' dedication to creating and delivering the best product and service without sacrificing quality is what sets us apart from the rest. Our mission is and has always been to source as local as possible to support our community and build long-lasting relationships."

Their motto reflects this, honest gelato, promising small batch from scratch with an authentic focus on locally sourced ingredients from start to finish. The foundation of each scoop is milk, delivered bi-weekly from Tunawerth Dairy, where grass-fed cows are cared for by a family-owned operation. Bonus: the creamery is just a hop away from Oly in Tenino. Other ingredients include organic cane sugar and coconut milk and fresh seasonal produce all providing that perfect matrimony for cultivating delectable relationships with fellow PNW business owners that equates to sweet, sweet success.

Because the selection is crafted in-house, fresh, daily, the menu is always rotating. So, it's recommended you call ahead if you have your heart set on something to see what seasonal delicacies are being scooped up on any particular day. Classic flavors like chocolate can always be a dependable treat. Or for those who are looking for a flavor journey, they can embark onward with signatures like the Olympia Fog, a black tea base with a whisper of rose petals and vanilla. Maybe the Salty B(utterscotch), Cardamom or Earl Grey with Honey Drizzle will catch your eye? Also, Sofie always has a scoop that is vegan-friendly in rotation for those with dietary restrictions or just looking for a refreshing, fruit-forward snack.

With over 100 recipes, how does one pick a favorite?! Pro tip from the crafters themselves, "At Sofie's, it's all about the pairing or winning combo. Sofie's favorite combo is the Olympia Fog with the Sweet Cream. Sweet cream is every gelateria's pride and joy because it highlights the dairy (cream and milk) used in their base. In Italy, it is called fior di late, meaning flower of milk. Chris' (Chris Proctor, co-founder and chef) favorite flavor, hands down, is Salty Butterscotch -- it just so happens most of our customers share this sentiment."

If you're looking for more chances to indulge, keep your eyes peeled for Scoops Wheels, a gelato tricycle catering service that's been making its rounds since spring of 2017. You can catch them wheeling and dealing at local festivals like Love Our Local, Oly Old Time Fest, Music in the Park, or hire them for your own private gatherings for weddings, birthdays and employee parties.

Having indulged in Sofie's Scoops myself, I can conclude that it isn't just the quality ingredients and delicious scoops that keep you coming back for more. The authenticity in vision exudes through their style of service as well. There's a pride and passion that can be found in this space and as everyone knows, when the secret ingredient is love, the treat is all the sweeter.

SOPHIE'S SCOOPS GELATO, noon-9 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday; closed Monday, 222 Capitol Way N. #116, Olympia, 360.539.6797,

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