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A hodgepodge of art at Art House Designs

Olympia's Art House Designs is not your typical art gallery. They seldom have regularly scheduled shows. Rather, it is more like an art fair or a funhouse of contemporary art with prints, paintings, ceramics and sculptures by more than 30...


TMP Turns 25

It's a continued astonishment to look at calendars, week after week, and see how much amazing theater we get to enjoy in Tacoma over the year. Over the past few months, we at the�??�?� Weekly Volcano�??�?� have...

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Food trucks to improve soldier dining experience

The Army is phasing out its manual meal card system after decades of use, as the service fully transitions to its new automated meal entitlement code system next month. Now, instead of presenting a meal card, soldiers will simply swipe their...


Lewis Community Spouses’ Club Super Sign-Up

Moving to a new location can be a daunting experience, especially when leaving your friends and family behind. The Lewis Community Spouses' Club (LCSC) is a great resource for military spouses to meet new people and contribute to their local...


Narai Asian Cuisine

ANNOUNCER: With so many places in the South Sound to get Asian food, Jackie and Dutch head south to Olympia this week to check out Narai Asian Cuisine. This family-owned business offers classes in Thai cooking, dancing and language in addition to...

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