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Military Life

Local swim teams

Youth swimmers stay active year-round and build confidence in and out of the pool. Swimming is a sport that allows for individual achievement and team participation.

Military Life

Indoor party venues

If your child's birthday falls during the rainy months, the South Sound has you covered. Kids can jump, bowl, paint and skate at a variety of indoor party spots. They'll have a blast, and you won't have to clean up.


The best haunted houses near JBLM

It's that time of year again; pumpkin patches, apple picking, hay rides, and bloody corpses with chainsaws chasing after you through the darkness. That's right, it's haunted house season, and we found the best ones you won't want to miss.


Rutledge Corn Maze

The Rutledge Corn Maze has become a family tradition for many local families and it's easy to see why. With a fall nip in the air, it's time to head out to the farm and see all they have to offer. The corn maze officially opens Sept. 22 and the...


Go underground in Portland

"Shanghaiing," or kidnapping people and forcing them into servitude, is an undeniable part of Portland's past. Between 1850 and 1941, thousands of people were shanghaied while patronizing saloons, brothels and gambling dens along Portland's...

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