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Local lunches on Naval Base Kitsap

Dining options when you're really hungry

Inside Out Cafe barbecue chicken wing basket is a lunchtime favorite among servicemembers. Photo credit: Kathryn Smith

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Lunch time comes quickly for most servicemembers on Naval Base Kitsap (NBK), especially when their day starts at 6 a.m. Regardless of whether you're on NBK Bangor, NBK Bremerton, or NBK Keyport, it's worth noting that most servicemembers get released for lunch around 11 a.m., and nothing fills a restaurant like hungry sailors. If you're lucky enough to miss the crowd, you'll have full reign of the three naval bases' dining options.

NBK Bangor offers the most options of the three bases, with McDonald's, Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and the Inside Out Cafe. Inside Out Cafe offers burgers, fish & chips, salads, wraps and other basket-type meals all with the quick service and friendly counter staff. The restaurant offers call-ahead orders for take-out and a children's play area for those youngsters needing to get out the wiggles while waiting. You can feel good spending your dining dollars here, as they are funneled back into MWR programs for sailors.

"Eating at Inside Out is a pleasant experience, with delicious food and healthy choices, along with being just as quick as any other option on base," said Nicole Smith, a local lunch goer at NBK Bangor. The cafe recently underwent a renovation project, including new digital menu boards, floors, lighting and paint.

The nearby NBK Bremerton is also home to many palate-pleasing restaurants to fulfill your midday hunger pangs. Wendy's is conveniently located between the parking garage and pier, easy to access at any time. If the liberty center is your lunch time destination, stop by Sinclair's Express Canteen. This food truck offers burritos, nachos, taco salads and chili dogs for a quick bite., located inside the liberty center, offers assorted coffee and espresso beverages, along with pastries and offer quick serve items such as corn dogs, hot dogs and pizza.

Bremerton All American Restaurant is another local favorite for lunchtime meals. It's housed in the old galley building between Navy Gateway Inn & Suites and Shields Hall. You can order from the restaurant's grill menu, which offers burgers, wing baskets, sandwiches and wraps, or you can order the daily special. The lunch special price is fixed, and comes with an entree, full soup/salad bar and beverage.

"Being part of an important support element for the morale and welfare of our troops is my biggest motivator," said Chef Miller of the All American Restaurant. All American Restaurant also provides high quality meals to sailors when their current command can't provide a galley meal or basic allowance for subsistence. The lengthy line outside the door is usually made up of those servicemembers who're utilizing the RIK program. Daily specials are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. Brunch and supper is offered Saturday and Sunday.

On NBK Keyport, lunch goers can enjoy a hearty meal at Torpedo Alley Galley. This establishment offers a lunch special or the opportunity to order from a grill menu, comprised of standard American fare and espresso drinks. "There isn't anything unique (about us), but after being here for eleven years, we do feel connected to the community," said Michael Cho of CDX Corporation and Torpedo Alley Galley.

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