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Food Truck Lot set to open in Tacoma

The Peanut Butter Bacon Burger arrives

Boss Mama’s Kitchen will be serving up their famous peanut butter bacon burgers during the opening week of Tacoma’s Food Truck Lot. Photo courtesy of the Washington State Food Truck Association

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Food truck lovers in Tacoma will rejoice Monday, March 6, when the brand new Food Lot officially opens. Located at 1210 Tacoma Ave South, the Food Truck Lot will feature two different food trucks Monday through Friday between the hours of 11 a.m and 2 p.m for patrons to enjoy during their lunch. The Food Truck Lot's permanent placement is the result of a two year pilot program determining the viability of such a lot. With the overwhelming support of the community, the Washington State Food Truck Association is thrilled to be launching the Food Truck Lot.

As Lori Johnson, executive director of the Washington State Food Truck Association, knows full well, everyone loves a good food truck. "It is about an experience," said Johnson. "When you go out to lunch with friends from work, you will most likely order something different and then share it." Johnson loves that sharing food often leads to sparking up conversation with those around you while enjoying great food. The community support has been tremendous already and the grand opening has not even yet taken place. Since the Food Truck Lot opened its Facebook page, over 7,500 people have shown interest and over 1,000 people plan to check out the Food Truck Lot when it opens.

With so much support already, Johnson said that South Beach Cuisine and Espresso, one of the food truck vendors that will be featured on opening day, has adjusted their menu a bit in order to accommodate the several thousand patrons expected. Guests will also find the Stacks food truck on opening day as well. Stacks is well known in the area for their crazy but delicious burger concoctions. Throughout opening week, you can plan to enjoy food from Boss Mama's and their peanut butter bacon burger as well as Low Rider Dogs, and Farrelli's Pizza.

Not only are food trucks extraordinarily popular with patrons but they are also popular with those who are interested in opening a restaurant of their own. While opening a brick and mortar restaurant can be costly, a food cart or truck can be seen as a gateway alternative to trying out a restaurant concept. Owners of food trucks are also more freely able to change their menus and try bold, interesting new menu items. By doing this, food truck owners can easily find out what their customers enjoy. Not that owning an operation a food truck is any less stressful. Food truck operators are up early, prepping their food every morning, which requires a lot of planning. Owning a food truck is also seen as a different take on owning and operating a restaurant due to the financial freedom and ability to take those culinary risks.

Johnson says that the Food Truck Lot plans to be open Monday through Friday throughout the year, depending on community participation. The Washington State Food Truck Association is hoping to replicate the kind of success that food truck lots have had in the states of California, Oregon, and even Utah. With the Tacoma Food Truck Lot's location being within blocks of city employees, technical schools, and other places of business, it is sure to be the place to go for the ultimate food truck lot experience.

Food Truck Lot, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday-Friday, 1210 Tacoma Ave. S.,

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