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Where to eat in the South Sound when you're pregnant

My top 5 cravings

Habanero dark chocolate sorbet at Brix 25 will work. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

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Ah pregnancy, affectionately referred to as the ole "bun in the oven," is a miraculous and lovely time in one's life that I happen to be in the midst of. With all of the amazing and delightful aspects, though, there comes a certain level of sacrifice. After all, we all have our vices, and often these are not in the best interest of our unborn child. Some of my favorite things are on the no-no list - such as sushi, whiskey and copious amounts of caffeine - until this 10-month host decides to join us here on the outside.

Man, what's a gal to do?! Aside from all of the things I cannot eat, there are plenty I can. And it seems like a growing list of things I simply need as ravenous cravings overcome me. So fellow knocked-up readers, this one's for you. Here are just a few of my go-tos when eating out while having a bun in the oven.

Craving number one: Cheese please.

Dairy cravings are among the most common during pregnancy. It's a fabulous source of calcium, which you need for that little person's bone growth, and it happens to be delicious. I have two spots I highly recommend when the cheese monger in you rears its little head. One is STINK Cheese and Meat (628 Saint Helens Ave., Tacoma). This deli serves tasty salads and sandwiches with artisan flair and plenty of cheesy goodness while weekly mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwich specials are ever changing. Another obvious go-to is the Melting Pot (2121 Pacific Ave., Tacoma). Melting Pot features five different options of tasty melted cheese-filled bowls for your dipping needs and can serve as a good excuse for a date night experience. Or you can opt for a one-pot visit and just get the cheese.

Craving number two: When you're hankering for a little something exotic and spicy.

Sometimes I simply need something spicy, and I'm completely willing to endure the consequence of heartburn. Each of the following can spice up your entree based on a five-star system of spice, which is handy because my version of a spice craving and yours may be completely different. For an Asian cuisine preference, Indochine (1924 Pacific Ave., Tacoma) and East & West Cafe (2514 N. Proctor) both boast phenomenal bites with a kick. If I'm looking for a flavorful spice with a different vibe, I opt for Indian curries. India Mahal (1905 Bridgeport Way) is probably my favorite go-to, but Gateway to India (2603 Sixth Ave., Tacoma) is also a South Sound favorite - and with good reason.

Craving number three: Rounding off the food pyramid with fruits and veggies.

In most cases I like to hit up local farmers markets for my fresh fruit and veggie desires, but often that just won't do. I want some vegetables with a chef's compelling flair. My Tacoma favorites include Marrow Kitchen and Bar (2717 Sixth Ave., Tacoma), Dirty Oscar's (2309 Sixth Ave., Tacoma) and Maxwell's Speakeasy (454 Saint Helens). These three concoct flavorful fresh veggie-forward dishes that are often inspired by that week's local farmers market - making getting your vegetables in a special treat rather than an obligation to your health.

Craving number four: It's summer, you're hot and round, so get some cold treats.

It's roasting outside, and while everyone is excited to enjoy the two months of Washington summer, some of us pregnant ladies are a good 10 to 20 pounds heavier, loaded up on hormones and carrying a hot box of a wee person inside our bellies. Cold treats are a small but necessary indulgence that put some of this misery at ease, if only for a moment. Frozen yogurt is a fabulous go-to because you have loads of options. Choose what flavor and toppings you need to fill your sweet tooth, from chocolate-y to fruity loving combos. Luckily, there's no shortage of Froyo destinations in the area - Gibson's, Black Bear, Proctor Frozen Yogurt and several others to fill your frosty needs. A less obvious choice is Brix 25 (7707 Pioneer Way, Gig Harbor) with its house-made sorbets. These sorbets are absolutely divine; be sure to ask about the current featured flavors.

Craving number five: How to avoid drink envy.

Curses! Booze is a big no-no during this time of baby making, and I'm not going to lie, I miss a good cocktail. The good news is that more and more establishments are offering delightful non-alcoholic drinks that ease some of the green-eyed monster while your friends are partaking in a cold one. 208 Garfield (208 Garfield St., Tacoma) offers refreshing spritzers infused with the likes of vanilla and rose, lavender, elderflower and berries. Babblin' Babs Bistro (2724 N. Proctor, Tacoma) stocks up on OOgave flavored sodas, which are naturally sweetened with agave and damn tasty. Lastly, Swing Wine Bar (825 Columbia St. SW, Olympia) seems like the last place to go since it's a wine bar, but it boasts some of the most flavorful and compelling mocktails such as Green, Green Grass of Home, which highlights cucumber, lime juice, jasmine tea and soda on the rocks.

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